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This information is provided as part of the OTMG Tender Information Management Service [TIMS]

These are tenders from different sites to illustrate the changing requirements by Government sites 
as policies and processes change to accommodate Electronic Information workflows.

The Country and State is provided because certain Countries and States are advanced in their utilisation 
of Electronic tender processes.  

These processes will be applicable to other Countries and State Governments as they move to Electronic 
Tendering and Electronic Information Interchange [EII] processes.

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2005/11/01 Enterprise Pricing Framework
2005/10/30 Comparison of download file sizes
2005/08/20 Proposed Water Market Trading
2005/08/18 $ 1.8 B Land Fund Investment Advisory Services
2005/07/20 Policy Framework for Not-for-Profit Organisations
2005/06/10 Parliamentary Entitlements Management System
2005/05/19 Asset Consultant Services for the Future Fund
2005/04/16 Biodiversity Incentives Consultancy
2005/02/24 Establishing Water Market
2004/08/03 Electronic Charities Register
2004/07/27 eCommerce integrated into Customer Relationship Management
2004/07/12 Multiple outsourced Government 6 mth Tenders
2004/04/02 Membership State Sector Retirement Scheme
2004/04/02 New Format for Tender Structure
2004/03/26 National Government Interoperability Framework
2004/03/20 Survey Government e-Procurement Activity
2004/01/20 Tender/Contract Management - the business process
2004/01/17 Examples of how Legislation used for tender definition
2004/01/17 Government Electronic Messaging Services - 5 yr contract
2004/01/16 Vendor selected 1 week after tender closes
2004/01/16 Pacific Living Standards Study
2004/01/15 Managed Technology Infrastructure
2004/01/13 HR Information System - 12 major functions
2004/01/03 Identify Content for Website
2003/12/04 Electronic Decision Support [EDS] for Clinical Systems

2005/11/01 WA - Dep Land Administration - Enterprise Pricing Framework

Develop an Enterprise-wide pricing framework for DLI's Regulated and Non-regulated products and 

In looking to the future, DLI is soon to become a Statutory Authority with commercial powers.
Broad 'pricing principles' will be embedded within the enabling legislation for the new agency.

Subject to the parliamentary process, these will come into effect from 1 July 2006.

The enabling legislation will contain provisions to govern how the authority will price its 
(non-regulated) goods and services
2005/10/30 Fed - Dep Health & Ageing - Develop Common Medication Chart

This is a comparison of the download options - The Department of Health & Ageing only provides
PDF or RTF download options - it does not provide a DOC download option.

The DOC option was provided simply by opening the RFT file and saving as a DOC file and then
saving as an HTM file.

A) htm  130 Kb: RFT Document 
A) doc  515 Kb: RFT Document 
A) pdf  168 Kb: RFT Document 
A) rtf 1.98 Mb: RFT Document 

This increase the difficulties for Small & Medium-size Enterprises [SMEs] to review tender
requirements quickly
2005/08/20 Fed - Dep Prime Minister - National Water Trading Market

This is a tender published the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

This is the link to the Intergovernmental Agreement on a National Water Initiative
An extract is:

Water Markets and Trading


58. 	The States and Territories agree that their water market and trading arrangements will:

	i) 	facilitate the operation of efficient water markets and the opportunities for 
		trading, within and between States and Territories, where water systems are 
		physically shared or hydrologic connections and water supply considerations 
		will permit water trading;

	ii) 	minimise transaction costs on water trades, including through good information
		flows in the market and compatible entitlement, registry, regulatory and other 
		arrangements across jurisdictions;

	iii) 	enable the appropriate mix of water products to develop based on access 
		entitlements which can be traded either in whole or in part, and either 
		temporarily or permanently, or through lease arrangements or other trading 
		options that may evolve over time; 

	iv) 	recognise and protect the needs of the environment; and

	v) 	provide appropriate protection of third-party interests. 

A number of members have expressed concern that:

1	the Australian Water Market will be set up like the Australian Electricity and Gas 
	Markets whereby bids have to be every 30 minutes

2	There will be a very small group making profits from the Water Trades

3	The cost of water will always be paid by the Tax-payer

4	The words may say "minimise transactions costs" (ii) where in practice Government
	eTransactions maximise the amount of information sent electronically.

5	Access entitlements (iii) can be traded, leased or involved with other trading
	options like futures and derivatives

6	Third-party Interests (v) have not been disclosed
2005/08/18 Fed - Dep Immigration - $ 1.5 B Investment Advisory Services

To Undertake Provision of investment advisory services for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait 
Islander Land Fund 

The Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs is seeking the provision 
of investment advisory services for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Fund.

The Land Fund is a series of investments totalling approximately $1.5B. 

The fund invests in accordance with section 39 of the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (Cth)

The investment advisor will provide assistance to the department in determining the investment 
strategy for the Land Fund for an initial period of 3 years. 
2005/07/20 Vic - Policy Framework for Not-for-Profit Organisations

This Victorian Government tender outlines that the Victorian Government has allocated $ 23 Million
over 3 years to develop Volunteering and Community Enterprises.

This tender states that the Not-for-Profit sector "contributes an estimated 5% of (Victoria's) GDP, includes over 
30,000 organisations and is at the heart of community participation in volunteering and civil society."

On Wed 21 Jul 2005 the Australian Treasurer Peter COSTELLO stated during an Interview on ABC Lateline
that the Federal Government will be assisting with the development of the Not-for-Profit sector.

Sites that you may want to review for Not-for-profit Tender and Funding Opportunities incude:

A	Volunteering Australia

B NSW Community Builders

C Victoria "Ourcommunity.com.au"

D Central Queensland Volunteering

A number of members have expressed concern that: 1 the contribution of taxes by the SMEs sector for the funding of the Non-for-Profit sector should be closely monitored. 2 in the past the work carried out by Volunteers has been unpaid while the Management has been well paid from Government funding 3 in the past funds generated by Volunteers are exploited by the Volunteer Organisations eg 1 the UK Official Custodians for Charities [OCC] 2 1, 2 and 3 degree Craft Freemasons Hence this is why OIC members developed an eCredits process for Volunteer organisations. This eCredits process records credits that can be spent in the Local Community.
2005/06/10 Fed - Parliamentary Entitlements Management System

This Australian Government tender is about developing a new "Parliamentary Entitlements 
Management System (PEMS)". 

This is the link to the Federal Government Tender.

This is the link to the same tender on the OIC web site.

This tender on the OIC web-site provides links to relevant legislation including the 
Members of Parliament (Life Gold Pass) Act 2002 (Cth)
2005/05/19 Fed - Asset Consultant Services

This tender was issued by the Federal Department of Treasury

Asset Consultant Services for advice on formulating an investment mandate for the Future Fund 
The objective of the Future Fund is to accumulate sufficient assets to offset the unfunded 
liability with an aim of achieving this objective by 2020. 

The Government will make an initial investment of capital into the Fund, will reinvest earnings
and will make further contributions from future realised surpluses. 

No draw downs will be allowed from the Fund until it is determined by actuarial assessment that
the Fundís assets are sufficient to offset the unfunded liability.
The Government has chosen a governance model of an independent board to manage the Fund and make
the individual investment decisions within parameters set out in an investment mandate 
prescribed by the Government. 
2005/04/16 Fed - Scientific and socio-economic consultancy

This tender was issued by the Department of the Environment and Heritage

Scientific and socio-economic consultancy dealing with biodiversity incentives in the rangelands 
The Department of the Environment and Heritage invites Expressions of Interest for a
multi-disciplinary consultancy (natural sciences and socio-economic) to assist the enabling of 
market-based approaches to biodiversity conservation in the rangelands.

The consultancy team would be required to:

1       Develop and field-test a rating scale for natural resource or management activities for 
        use in incentives programs in rangeland Australia.

2       Review existing market based conservation opportunities in the rangelands
2005/02/24 Fed - Establishing Water Market

This tender was issued by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

The focus of this research will be on third party access to water supply and service infrastructure and
the implications for water management in Australia.

It is expected that there will be four major components to this research. 
2004/08/03 NZ Government - Charities Register

This New Zealand Government tender is about developing an electronic Charities Register for 
pending Government Legislation "The Charities Bill"

The application could have provide many international opportunities.

In the UK there are in excess of 850,000 Charities.

The Official Custodian for Charities (OCC) looked after the financial and property assets for
over 700,000 of those Charities.

Before the advent of the Super Funds, the OCC was the major UK player in the Stock Exchange, 
Foreign Currency Exchange and Property Market.
2004/07/27 Fed - National Archives - e-Commerce & CRM

This is one of the first requirements for an e-Commerce application integrated with a 
Customer Relationship Management [CRM] application 
2004/07/12 Northern Territories Tender sequence Tue 13 Jul 2004

This is a series of 5 tenders from the Northern Territory from 3 separate Government 

	Four of these tenders were published on Fri 09 Jul 2004 and require a response by Wed
	21 Jul 2004

	It may be worth watching if this sequence of tenders appear in other States

	A	Treasury - D04-0815
	B	Corporate & Information Systems - D04-0813, D04-0814
	C	Employment, Education & Training - D04-0817, D04-0818

	A	Treasury
	D04-0815	Review Cost Allocation Policies				21 Jul 2004

	B	Corporate & Information Systems
	D04-0813	Advice Telecommunications Outsourcing			21 Jul 2004
	D04-0814	Panel: Training Services				04 Aug 2004

	C	Employment, Education & Training
	D04-0817	Educational/Promotional Material				21 Jul 2004
	D04-0818	Electronic Media Services				21 Jul 2004

	These tenders are:
	1	for 6 months only
	2	state that payments are a 1 off basis only and cover unlimited use
	3	web page and Power-point presentations are included in 0817
2004/04/02 NZ Government - Membership State Sector Retirement Scheme

Format Structure for each tender

2004/03/26 Fed Nat Office Info Economy - National Government Interoperability Framework

2004/03/02 Fed Nat Office Info Economy - Survey Government e-Procurement Activity

2004/01/20 WA Department Housing - Tender/Contract Management - the business process

2004/01/17 Vic Gov Child Center Design - legislation Child Development & Care regulations

2004/01/17 NT Government Electronic Messaging Services RFT - 5 yr contract

2004/01/16 NZ Government Dep HR Info System - Vendor selected 1 wk after tender closes

2004/01/16 NZ Health Research Council - Early EOI registration before RFP Submission

2004/01/15 NZ Ministry Social Development - timetable & links Gov e-Policies Guidelines

2004/01/13 HR Information System - 1,000 Employees - 12 major functions

2004/01/03 Northern Territories - briefing, timetable, index, contract types, maps

2003/12/04 Aus Fed Government - with map-link, tender timetable, document index

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