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Federal and State Electronic Transactions Acts [ETAs] 1999 - 2003
Minister's Letter re ETAs and the Information Economy 2006
NSW Office Liquor, Gaming & Racing [OLGR] questions to "Kids-Safe-at-Sport" 2007/02/28
Current NSW Child Protection Legislation - 4 Acts as at 2013/06/30
Repealed NSW Child Protection Legislation - 10 Repealed Amending Acts 2001 - 2013
s30C Interpretation Act 1987 - "Automatic repeal of Amending Acts that have commenced"

  Kids Safe-at-Sport Network          [KSAS-Au]


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A Accuracy of "KSAS-Au" Information
B Accuracy of "JSIS" Information
C Continuity of "KSAS-Au" and "JSIS" Services
D Regularity of Reporting Service
E Changes to terms and conditions

A Accuracy of "KSAS-Au" Information

a	The "Kids Safe-at-Sport Network [KSAS-Au]" is a Parents' Initiative to assist
	Local Junior Sports Clubs to comply with the Child Protection legislation.  

b	"KSAS-Au" has been developed and operated by Volunteers as a Parent Reporting Module
	of the Junior Sports Information System [JSIS].

c	"KSAS-Au", its Members and Sponsors cannot accept any responsibility for the 
	accuracy of the information provided as this information may be continually changing 
	and it is exceedingly difficult to maintain accurate information on Websites.

d	"KSAS-Au" endeavours to provide members who are Parents with

	1	an assessment of whether the Junior Sports Club with whom their Child is 
		registered has complied with the State Child Protection Legislation

	2	an assessment of whether the Junior Sports Clubs that their Child plays
		against have complied with the State Child Protection Legislation

	3	an "Incident and Complaint" process that complies with the Federal and State 
		Government "Play-By-the-Rules" Guidelines.

e	Some of the Information provided is derived from Federal and State Government websites 
	while other information is derived from the Junior Sports Information System [JSIS].

f	The Junior Sports Information System [JSIS] was developed to provide a number of
	other benefits for Parents of Junior Players apart from the Child Protection 
	compliance assessment.

g	These benefits include:

	1	an Internet Application which has to be updated each week by the Junior players  

	2	a way for Local Businesses to sponsor Junior Sports Clubs

	3	a way for Local Businesses to measure the value of their sponsorship 
		based on the new business received via the Sponsors webpages

	4	a methodology for Junior Players to earn Local Information Economy Credits

	5	a way to improve the coaching from an early age across all sports

	6	a way to greatly reduce the administration burden for Junior Sports Clubs

	7	a way to enhance Volunteer resources with effective Roster systems

h	The "KSAS-Au" Parent reporting is dependent on the information provided 
	by Clubs during the "JSIS" Electronic Registration process

B Accuracy of "JSIS" Information

a	Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the Junior Sports Information
	System [JSIS] is modular and simple it will like many suites of software be improved 
	as end-user requirements become more sophisticated with experience.

b	"JSIS" is supplied on an on-going licence basis so the software can be enhanced
	to meet changing Legislative and end-user requirements

c	There may be circumstances whereby the JSIS information may be inaccurate however
	due to unforeseen circumstances.

d	Whilst every effort will be made to correct any reported inaccuracies quickly, there
	are no guarantees or commitments to correct any inaccuracies or software problems.

e	By using "JSIS" and "KSAS-Au" you agree to indemnify the Management Committee
	and the Volunteers from any liability arising from their use.

C Continuity of "KSAS-Au" and "JSIS" Services

a	"JSIS" and "KSAS-Au" have been commissioned by the members of the Open Interchange 
	Consortium [OIC] as an Internet application to provide a way for the Parents of Junior 
	Sports Players to understand how the Internet can provide a very useful Local Information

b	Without knowing the business transaction details of the organisations involved with
	Junior Sports Clubs the Continuity of Service may be interrupt and cannot be guaranteed.

c	The OIC, KSAS-Au and its members cannot accept responsibility for Continuity of Service.  

d	The KSAS-Au Management Committee will endeavour to ensure that there is full Continuity
	of services.

D Regularity of Service

a	The intention is to provide weekly updates on each team details

b	However the OIC, KSAS-Au and its members can not take any responsibility for ensuring that 
	these details are updated each week as there are a number of factors beyond the Management 
	Committee control including:

	1	Knowledge of reliability of equipment of base information providers

	2	the number of people likely to update information each week

	3	the congestion on the local ISP systems

	4	The congestion on the Telstra network

E Changes to terms, conditions, codes and operation

a	The terms and conditions of these information services can change without notice.

b	As the sophistication of providing this information service develops to meet both 
	management and subscriber demands, the method of operation and changes to terms and 
	conditions may occur without notice.  

c	Every effort will be made to inform "JSIS" and "KSAS-Au" subscribers of the changes 
	when the changes are made.

d	It is the intention to provide the reasons for the changes and the perceived benefits
	of those changes
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