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In many Councils Small & Medium-size Business [SMBs] and Small & Medium-size 
Enterprises [SMEs] (not-for-profit) comprise more than 95% of the Local Business 
population and are the major Employers and Rate-payers - ref Pittwater
Council Management Plan 2006.

One of the objectives of the OIC Local Government Special Interest Group (LZIG)
is to assist SMBs and SMEs understand how to work with their Local Council for
mutual benefit.
In 2001 the Federal Government Department of Employment, Workplace Relations & 
Small Business [DEWRSB] commissioned members of the OIC Local Government 
Special Interest Group [LZIG] to conduct a series of eSurveys with 172 NSW 
Local Councils on "The relevance of XML in the adoption of On-Line Service 
Delivery by Local Government Agencies".

As a result of the feedback from the NSW Local Government Agencies, OIC members 
developed a prototype Local Government Information Services Model as a
Model to not only assist local SMEs generate revenue but also assist Local
Councils achieve their Economic Development budgets from the Electronic 
Transaction Acts passed by each State Government.

These Local Government services include the function of Legal Electronic 
Notary Service as proposed at the TEDIS Conference.

This service enables Small and Medium-size Enterprises [SMEs] to have an 
independent record of when invoices have been issued and when payments are due.

This Electronic Notary will not be able to view who the client is that received
the invoice or the work carried put.

An Electronic Notary records the time, date and amount when the quote/purchase 
order/invoice was issued and whether a response such as payment has occurred 
within the agreed time.

In the event of a dispute then an Electronic Notary with the authorisation of
the SME will be able to identify who received the invoice and the issues for 
the dispute.

An Electronic Notary could be a Local Council Precinct group, Chamber of Commerce, 
Parent/Teacher Association, Youth Association or any group that is independent of 
transaction influences

Since completing those surveys, the OIC has hosted a number of education/awareness
seminars on the Federal Government's On-line strategy including:

1	Sep 2001: The Government On-line Strategy

	John GRANT 
	Chief General Manager Government On-line
	National Office for the Information Economy [NOIE] 

2	Oct 2001: The Information Economy

	Patrick CALLIONI 
	Chief General Manager Information Economy
	National Office for the Information Economy [NOIE]

3	1999 - 2005 Information Economy Legislation

4	Electronic Information Standards - including AS 4590 and UN/CEFACT

5	Does the 1776 Adam SMITH "The Wealth of Nations" Economic Model apply for
	the Information Age Economy with Transaction Credits and Intellectual 
	Property ?

These seminars highlighted the need to understand the Government direction with 
Electronic Information Interchange [EII] Standards.
OIC members have been tracking Local Government tenders and the requirements for 
Electronic Information Interchange [EII] with local home and small business users
without inhouse IT expertise.

In 2005 OIC members developed a Local Community Sport Resource Management Process 
to assist Local Volunteers Sports groups that utilised Council Sports Amenities to
meet the requirements of Child Protection legislation.

In Aug 2006 32 Victorian Councils formed a Consortium to develop a Hub to 
interface with local home/SME computer users

There were two tenders issued:

1	2006/08/19	Developing a Hub to provide 25 Permit Applications for 
	32 Councils

2	2006/09/23	Interfacing the Hub Information via AS 4590 into 
	Councils' IT Applications

If you would like to participate in the responses to these and similar tenders
please register your membership application as a Participating Project Member

2006/12/29 Formation ETIM Evaluation Committee
2006/11/27 Council Reqirement for Electronic Contract Management

2007/01/28 AIIA - AIIA Response on Australian eCommerce Standard AS4590 Policy
2007/01/26 Panasonic - Business Ethics and Social Obligations
2007/01/23 AIIA - What is AIIA Policy on single address AS4590 ?
2007/01/19 AIIA - Avoid bringing IT Industry into disrepute
2007/01/17 State Premiers informed - 38 Port Communities & 770 Councils
2007/01/14 Submission to the Minister to correct AS4590 and eCommerce Topology
2006/12/22 AS 4590 single XML Address eCommittee Letter to the Minister
3 week XML eCommittee Review and Recommendation for AS4590 Resolution
2006/11/30 Invitation UN/CEFACT to participate in AS4590 resolution eCommittee
2006/11/29 SKM - Response - no interest in correcting AS4590 Standard
2006/11/29 SKM - Exactly - that is why Legislation need
2006/11/28 ACS - Council Tenders illustrate urgency for AS4590
2006/11/27 Melbourne - Councillors to inform re AS4590 and why important
2006/11/24 SKM - Please confirm AS4590 Advice to Easybiz Parties
2006/11/24 OASIS Australia - Proposed Timetable to remediate AS4590 for single XML Address
2006/11/22 ACS Philip ARGY Request support from ACS for Single XML Address AS 4590
2006/11/17 Single AS 4590 Address & Supply Chain Communities eg Ports
2006/11/14 Revisit US post Aus-USA FTA eCommerce Initiatives
2006/11/14 OASIS Australia - reconvene IS/11 eCommerce Standards Committee
2006/11/10 Standards Australia - resolve AS 4590 Address conflicts
2006/11/09 OASIS Support for Local Government eRoadshow
2006/10/31 OASIS Patrick GANNON President - Sponsorship XML Local Gov Initiative
2006/10/27 OASIS XML Conference - Uniform ET Laws demand Uniform ET Processes

2006/10/21 Valuation Services tender - published by each Council every 2 yrs
2006/10/10 Review of Electronic Transaction Acts on Local Government Revenue
2006/10/01 Local Government Tender Service - all published Local Government tenders
2006/09/23 32 Victorian Councils Compliance Hub - Council/Vendor Integration - AS 4590
2006/08/19 32 Victorian Councils Compliance Hub for Home/SMEs Computer Users
2006/08/15 2006-09 Section 94 Contributions Plan

2006 LOCAL GOVERNMENT MANAGEMENT PLANS - Examples Council 5-yr Management Plans
Australian Local Government Management Plans

United States - independent Research for review by Members on request

United Kingdom - independent Research for review by Members on request
New Zealand - independent Research for review by Members on request

Dep of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business [DEWRSB]
Business Entry Point [BEP] Objectives
Summary of OIC LZIG ROADSHOW Objectives
DEWRSB Contract
Stage I - Research
Stage II - Surveys
Stage III - Roadshow Content Development
Stage IV - Roadshow on the Road
Local Government Information Services Model

OIC LZIG Participation Registration

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