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This information is provided as part of the OTMG Tender Information Management Service [TIMS] The Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation [APEC] has 21 Members economies that account for more than 1/3 of the World's population (2.6 billion people), approximately 60% of world GDP (US$19, 254 billion) and about 47% of world trade. In 2007 Australia is hosting the APEC Programme of Events. The 2007 programme will encompass a wide range of ministerial, officials’ and business meetings and events across Australia that culminate in meetings of APEC economy leaders (AELM), scheduled to be held in Sydney, New South Wales in September 2007. Several of the preceding meetings and events are held in the week leading up to the AELM and are collectively referred to as the APEC Leaders’ Week. On 13 May 2005 in preparation for APEC 2007 the Department of the Prime Minister issued a tender for a Taskforce of 26 Legal Panels and 3 Probity Panels for "Good Governance in Public Service" TIMS Subscription options can be reviewed on TIMS Tender subscription options OIC Membership options can be reviewed on OIC Membership options


2006/06/26 APEC Secretariat: Research Impact Biofuels on APEC Economies
2006/06/26 APEC Secretariat: Sustainable Tourism Development


2006/08/11 Fed - Dep Prime Minister: Logistical & Support Services
2006/07/07 Fed - Dep Prime Minister: Graphic Design
2006/06/29 Fed - Dep Prime Minister: Host Broadcaster Services
2006/06/26 Fed - Dep Prime Minister: APEC: Signage Strategy
2006/06/26 Fed - Dep Prime Minister: In Venue Document Printing Services
2006/06/24 Fed - Dep Foreign Affairs & Trade: Public Affairs & Communication Services
2006/06/23 Fed - Dep Foreign Affairs & Trade: Youth Education Services
2006/04/27 Fed - Dep Prime Minister: Accreditation and Security Access Control System
2006/04/13 Fed - Dep Prime Minister: Event Management, Control and Communications
2005/05/13 Fed - Dep Prime Minister: Good Governance Legal & Probity Panels

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