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a	On 24 Apr 2008 an Israeli Rock Concert was run by Pedal-Power

	In 2009 this project encouraged a Victorian Engineer to run a successful project
	with 12 bikes on a trailer for Earth Hour 2009 and feed into the Electricity grid

	The problem was finding enough people to pedal long enough - hence there has to 
	be an incentive

	Pedal-Power generators have been successfully trialled in schools in the USA 
	and by the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen to provide guest with free meals
	The Crowne Plaza Group are evaluating the Copenhagen project over 12 months 
	and if it is successful it will be implemented in all Crown Plaza Hotels world
	Crowne Plaza - 15 mins Cycle for your Dinner
b	This is where the RUBAC Methodology can provide a way of recording on the Internet 
	what Power has been generated by each person

	The RUBAC Internet software will provide the Audit and Compliance Certification 
	Process for local business to check the credits earned for Electricity generated 
	by ePPN Cyclist members

	This software will enable a Medicare Care or the new Healthcare Identifiers card to 
	be used	as a swipe card to activate a ePedal-power bicycle so that the cyclist can 
	register the amount of electricity generated for local community credits
	ePedal-Power Electricity Generation History,  
	This software won 1st Prize which was presented by the King of Sweden in the 
	"IT for SME" category of an International Software competition.
	OIC - Resource Asset Management System for SMEs

c	This Internet Software provides the Marketing platform for Local Small Business 
	as developed for local junior sports clubs
	Kids Safe-at-Sport Network

d	It is envisaged that "eBikes in Racks" could supplement the Electricity needs for 
	Aged-Care Homes, local Hospitals, Local Schools, Local Libraries, Sport Grounds as 
	well as local entertainment venues

e	Our youth would get fit, our local shop-keepers would generate businesses while 
	tax-payers and rate-payers would have reduced costs

f	More important these "eBikes in Racks" (say 6 bikes a rack) could be air-lifted to 
	disaster areas like earthquakes to generate power to pump water, provide electricity 
	for heating and lighting

g	In 2009 this project was proposed to Mosman Council

h	In 2010 the project was submitted to the NSW Government for a NEIS Grant

i	Other Countries may like to evaluate the project 
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