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E-Tenders is one step of the E-business information cycle.  

OIC Members have developed this Tender Information Management Service [TIMS] as an initial 
module of the E-business process.  

This E-process comprises a number of stages including:

A	E-Tenders
B	E-Resource - partners and sub-contractors
C	E-budgets
D	E-quotation
E	E-contract
F	E-contract variance
G	E-performance
H	E-payment
I	E-support and enhancement

TIMS will be developed to provide an integrated E-business process. 

E-tenders can provide market intelligence on the 
development of E-business within different types of industries. 

In addition TIMS has been developed so that it can be licensed by organisations that wish to
offer their tenders electronically but do not have the appropriate resources to develop an 
E-tendering service in-house.


One of the unique aspects of the OIC Tender Information Management System [TIMS] are market 
intelligence reports.

These marketing intelligence reports provide history and trends of the tenders that have been 

These reports analyse the published tenders by state, 9 Industry Categories and 11 Application 

These reports are to enable management to gauge which industries are active in E-commerce 
applications and which application areas indicate future business trends.

The current market intelligence reports can be reviewed on:

A	Industry Trends

B	Application Group Trends
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