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Hi Paul  - Thank you for your email for further information on the development by the OIC 
Community Initiatives Special Interest Group [CZAG] on the "Leadership Development & 
Responsibility Practice" project

My apologies for the delay but we have been responding to a tender by a Consortium of 32 
Victorian Councils for an eCommerce Hub to reduce "Council Red Tape" for Home & Small Business 
Computer Users.

This tender is relevant to the work carried out by the ASC in developing the "Play by the Rules"
for Junior Sports teams, as many Councils have published tenders for "Recreation Strategies".

These "Recreation Strategies" will include Sport as we have been impressed by the number of
recent Local Council Construction tenders for installing floodlights and automatic water 
sprinklers on Council grounds.


a	Succession Planning for Volunteer Sports Clubs
b	Leadership Development & Responsibility Practice
c	Improving the Team/Player Skills
d	Reducing the Administration Burden for the Club Volunteers
e	Improving the Computer Skills of the Payers & Parents
f	Advertising Local Businesses for Economic Development
g	Recognition & Payment for Volunteer Work
h	Next Steps

A web link has been provided in each section an an example


Many Volunteer Sports Clubs are Small Businesses that have to provide regular fixtures, 
co-ordinate resources, attract new members and balance the books for the AGMs.

Many clubs suffer from a similar problem in that those who start the Club are often still 
involved on the Committee 20 or 30 years down the track.  

When they finally leave often the Club falls apart as the "Know How" is with those Club 
Stalwarts and the Sport and local Community then suffers as the Club may no longer operate.

There has not been a process to encourage/stimulate other members to take responsibility 
within the Club and to have a Succession Plan.

Hence this was the joint-venture project with Pittwater to develop the Job Descriptions as 
part of the Succession Planning process

More important as people are becoming increasingly time poor, we have to use the technology 
to not only assist reduce the administration burden for the Volunteers but to also assist 
with the development of the Junior Sports Players.

Not only as Sports people but also as contributors to the efficient operation of the Club.


The "Leadership Development and Responsibility Practice" program was developed so that from 
the very start (U6) Players took it in turn to have the responsibility to be Captain, Toss 
the Coin, Collect the Shirts, Wash the Shirts and return them the following week.

There are a number of functions that the Mums and Dads do each week that could be allocated 
to the Players - whose turn is it to bring the oranges, put out the nets, collect the flags,
collect the equipment, carry the sports bags etc.

Similarly Net, BBQ & Canteen Rosters - at the moment the Parents do it but there is no reason 
that Juniors from say 14 onwards could do either before the games or after the games under
Parental Supervision.

The problem for any Club is the Monitoring during the season however, once the framework has 
been set up it is simple to update it each year eg BBQ & Net Rosters


It is very difficult for any Club Coach at the Sub-junior (U6-U9) level to know how a team
is going or which players require assistance.

if the Team can be encouraged to enter their results on a Web page then the Sub-Junior 
Coaching Committee can see where a Sub-Junior Coach may require assistance.

If there is a Coaching Committee they may offer a training session for the coach or attend
a training session if they know when the teams are training 

The Results and Player of the Match are there to assist with Coaching


We have to use the Technology to reduce the administration burden for the Club.

The problems with registration and kit stock control can be greatly reduced once the initial
registration has been completed on-line.

Currently a form with the previous details is printed and sent out each year - the post and 
print costs are an unnecessary cost now.

The Registration forms are the same for every team for every club so a standard web form can
be designed so that people can register for a team from their local library or home computer.

Once the profile of a player has been created it can include shirt and sock sizes so the Club
stock control can be much more efficient.

As the player grows up the size profile can be changed from home/school or the local library

The record of the Child Protection form for the Volunteer Managers/Coaches can be checked 
electronically both by the Players parents and the various levels within the Sport Pyramid 
Structure eg Managers and Coaches Pittwater 2006 U8


One of the problems with Computers and Sport is that it is often only used for games
by the players or to look up results and league tables.

This program has been developed so that each week the players (U6 - U9) can update the team 
and their own records either at home, at school or in the Local Library.

Perhaps as part of the School Curriculum the players can be encouraged to produce a weekly 
match report to help with their English and Communication skills.

Those parents who are not computer literate can look up maps and venues and it will
assist them to understand more about computers. 


Many Local Businesses support local sports teams and advertise in the Finals Program.

Many have web-sites.

The problem for all web-sites is encouraging people to find the site and look at the 

eVAMP has been designed that each team can have 4 separate web pages

1	Team Fixtures - Venues & Maps
2	Team Results - Dates & Scores
3	Payer Records - Scorers & Responsibilities
4	Team Rosters -  Shirts, Nets, BBQs, Canteen, Travel
Four local business could appear as sponsors on a page

Hence 16 local businesses could sponsor 1 team

As an example Pittwater has 115 teams

The Sponsors could change teams every month

The Sponsors could provide a return to the Club every time someone entered their web site 
(a hit) and or purchased a product

This could fund the Payment for Volunteer Work and assist with the Economic Development
Strategies for many Councils


Volunteer Work is Work and deserves recognition and payment as Juniors have high expenses
these day.  

Payment may be in the form of Credits to spend at a team/Club Sponsor eg the Local Cinema,
Video shop, bowling alley, Sports Shop, Dress Shop, Amusement Arcade, Pub (meals) etc.

If 1 credit is 3 mins and a session is 30 or 45 minutes a Junior could earn 10 or 15 Credits 
a week as part of contributing to the running of the club.

The ASC could help establish a Contribution Plan. 

Most Councils produce Community magazines with local business advertisements.

Many of the businesses already sponsor have Web sites and may e prepared to sponsor one of 
the teams for recognition on the Local Team web-site

This was the eCredits plan developed by OIC members for Accreditation for attending IT events
and contributing to an event


If you have any questions please email.

Or if you prefer we can meet to discuss ways of promoting "Leadership Development and 
Responsibility Practice" in Junior Sport


Stephen GOULD  
eCommunity Initiatives
20:43	M	2006/08/28	Syd	2065

E:	sggould@oic.org
M:	0416-009-468
W:	Electronic Community Initiatives
On 21 Aug 06, at 14:38, Paul Donohue wrote:

> Dear Mr Gould
> Thank you for your correspondence addressed to Mr Roy Masters, Director
> Australian Sports Commission.  As per normal ASC guidelines, your
> email has been sent to me to reply on behalf of Mr Masters, as the 
> information outlined relates to our area.
> It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide additional and more
> detailed information on your proposal to assist volunteer sports clubs
> implement "Play by the Rules" and improve feedback information at
> sub-junior sport levels, so we can assess the benefits and implications 
> of endorsing such a resource.
> If you require any additional information or clarification please do not
> hesitate to contact me, otherwise I look forward to receiving the
> information on your proposal.
> Yours sincerely
> Paul Donohue
> Senior Sports Consultant
> Sport Ethics Unit
> Australian Sports Commission

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