PROJECT:	Report on the benefits for the Technology Transfer Grant for 3 members of the 
		Open Interchange Consortium to attend the Global Bangemann Challenge and TIME 
		Exhibition in Stockholm in June 1999.

DATE:		06 June 1999 - 11 June 1999

			Partner - EII Projects

GRANT:		$ 10,500 from the Technology Diffusion Program


			Philip HUNNISETT	PLH		PTMS Australia
			Guy BLOMBERG		GMB		IT Consultant
			Stephen GOULD		SGG		Halisa NSW Partnership

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This is a re-write of a report that was prepared in August 1999.  That report had been e-mailed 
down to Canberra on the return from GBC. The report was stored on a lap-top that was stolen in 
March 2000.  Hence the need for a re-write.

The value and benefits of participating in the Global Bangemann Challenge and TIME Exhibition 
for the Technology Diffusion program can be summarised as:

A	Extremely worthwhile to attend the Conference and have an insight into the issues that 
	are assisting form policies in E-business and the information society.  This was 
	particularly evident in the Roundtable discussions on 10 Jun 1999 re:

	1 Debate on the value of technology transfer

	2 the Global Cities Dialogue

	3 Organisations/Public-Private Partnership

B	Making international contacts that are very difficult to make from Australia

C	The ability to review projects at the exhibition and assimilate new ideas from a 
	wide range of applications

D	Understand how the new technologies could apply to other applications

E	The visit to Stockholm enabled contacts to be made in Europe to promote future projects 
	by OIC members.     These projects include:

	1 	1999 OIC Tender Information Management Service

	2 	2000 Electronic Event Information Management

	3 	2000 Electronic Project Information Management

	4 	2001 Local Government Roadshow

	5 	2002 Small & Medium size Enterprise Roadshow


A	There were over 700 projects submitted to the Global Bangemann Challenge.  

B	In Stockholm there were over 96 projects at the final presentations

C	There were 18 winners for the 11 categories


	a	New Business Structure						  6
	b	Information Technology for Small & Medium sized Enterprises	  9
	c	Electronic Commerce						  4
	d	Information Technology in all forms of Education		 17
	e	Lifelong Learning						  9
	f	Public Services & Democracy					 15
	g	Health & Community Care						  9
	h	Culture & Media						 	 10
	i	Supporting the Environment					  8
	j	Equal Access to Networking					  9
	k	Improving Traffic & Transport				  	  3

D	 The OICY2KRAMP project won 1st prize in Category B "IT for SME" 


A 	After the Exhibition SGG went to England to discuss Distribution & Licencing Agreements 
	with a number of companies.  One company CSB in Slough was very interested in becoming 
	involved with E-commerce and understanding the E-commerce methodologies involved with 
	the OICY2KRAMP project

B 	In Aug 1999 the OICY2KRAMP Project Partners finalised an exclusive 2 year distribution  
	agreement with Software Engineering Australia - NSW.

C	This agreement was based on discussions held with other organisations in Europe of how 
	the OICY2KRAMP intend to be developed to enable SMEs operate the application for 
	automatic back-up and systems monitoring after the Y2K issue was completed.


1	Group proposes Due Diligence procedure			Computerworld	05/02/1999

2	And now for the Finals					Sydney Morning Herald	01/06/1999

3	Oz Wizards take title					Sydney Morning Herald	06/07/1999


a	Sep 1998 OIC members researched Y2K Due Diligence process called OIC Y2K Resource Asset 
	Management Process [OICY2KRAMP]

b	Dec 1998 submitted project to Global Bangemann Challenge [GBC] in Sweden

c	1999/04/19 advised by Global  Bangemann Challenge that a finalist in the "IT for SME" 
	Category of Global Bangemann Challenge.  Finals in Stockholm 09-11 June 1999

d	Invited to participate in GBC Exhibition as part of the TIME [Telecommunications, 
	Internet Multimedia & Electronics]

e	1999/05/20 advised by Karl BAIGENT ISR that a grant would be available through the 
	Targeted Research Alliance [TRA] program

f	1999/05/24 Ken BROMFIELD OIC Technical Project Manager submitted DIST ITOL funding 
	application to commercialise OICY2KRAMP 

g	1999/05/28 Phil HUNNISETT faxed background OIC to Karl BAIGENT ISR

h	1999/06/01 Karl BAIGENT confirmed ISR prepared to provide funding from Technology 
	Diffusion Programme on completion Deed of Grant $ 10,500

i	1999/06/01 Signed Deed of Grant returned to ISR

j	1999/06/04 Karl BAIGENT confirmed payment of Grant by 30/06/1999

k	PLH agreed to funded costs of photocopying information for distribution, air-tickets 
	and part stay in Stockholm pending payment on return

l	SGG hired lap-top for presentations re distribution agreements at GBC and other possible 
	distributors in the UK


a 	1999/06/06 Phil HUNNISETT [PLH] Guy BLOMBERG [GMB] and Stephen GOULD [SGG] depart Sydney.
	Arrive London 05:20 M 1999/06/07 

b	199/06/07 Problem with through booking from Sydney.  At Heathrow no record of booking 
	for transfer flight to Arlanda.   Had to fly on separate flights.  PHL agreed to stay on
	London overnight as little possibility of flight to Stockholm due to TIME Exhibition

c 	SGG arrived first.  Luggage was mis-routed.  GMB arrived about 1 hr later.  His luggage 
	also mis-routed.

d	Caught bus to Stockholm around 14:00 .  Did not have any accommodation booked as 
	attempts to book rooms by e-mail prior to departure indicated few rooms left.

e	GMB & SGG purchased a few clothes (underwear, toiletries white shirts etc) in case 
	luggage did not arrive.

f 	Eventually found room on Den Roda Baten boat SK 350.00 a night

C	TUE 08 JUN 1999

a	Setting up the stand at Exhibition Hall

b	Meet with fellow finalist at the Opera bar

D	WED 09 JUN 1999

a	Judges visiting stands.  Presentations to other visitors

b	Evening awards ceremony
	Winners for the "IT for SME" Category
	Trophy presented by the King of Sweden to Guy BLOMBERG

c	Dinner in the Blue Room Stockholm Town Hall. After dinner returned to Cafe Opera with a 
	number of other exhibitors and discussed marketing of final products and distribution 

E	THU 10 JUN 1999

a	GMB & PHL took it in turns to man the OIC stand and visit other stands to made contact 
	with other exhibitors both in the Global Bangemann Challenge Conference/Exhibition and 
	at the TIME Exhibition.

b	Part of establishing contact with the other exhibitors was to discuss the significance 
	of the Y2K issue and identify possible local distributors of the OICY2KRAMP Due 
	Diligence process

c	SGG participated in the conference and attended the session involved with:

	1 	The importance of technology transfer

	2 	The Global Cities Dialogue

	3 	Funding for projects to create "the user-friendly information society" 

d	In the evening PLH, GMB & SGG visited the Cafe Opera and spoke with other 
	exhibitors/attendees of both the Global Bangemann Challenge and the TIME Conference

F	FRI 11 JUN 1999

a	Vacate the room and left for the airport as the flights were departing at 11:00 	
	PLH & GMB returned to Australia

b	SGG travelled to UK to meet with contacts for distributing OICY2KRAMP in Europe and 
	discuss other E-commerce process in UK

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