There are a number of International electronic Standards that have been develop for
International Trade including UN/EDIFACT - ISO 9735 and Date & Time - ISO 8601

Although both these Standards for eCommerce were published in 1987 neither has been implemented
to obtain critical mass from Business users ie Small & Medium size Enterprises [SMEs]. 

In the meantime eMail has become the accepted communication medium for both local, National and
International Trade communications - ref December issue Image & Data Manager "Gambling with
Record-keeping Compliance" eg US Sarbanes-Oxley Act and proposed Aus Corporate Law Economic
Reform Program [CLERP].

However during Jan 2006 it appears that a number of people involved with the "Time & Date - 
ISO 8601" standard found that it could not cater for Time-zones.  

This Thread can be reviewed on proposed ISO 8601/ebXML Work Group.

Due to the importance of Government Tenders and eCommerce in the Australia-United States Free
Trade Agreement [Aus-USA FTA], it has been proposed to apply for a joint Aus/US Government
grant to quickly remediate this issue and facilitate International Trade.

The Education Seminar on Thu 24 Jan 2006 will review the plan for a joint-venture project team 
to resolve the Time-zone issue by Christmas 2006.

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EVENT eBusiness FTAs TOPIC Time-zones & Trade
DATE Tue 24 Jan 2006 TIME 16:00 - 18:00
AAPT Building
259 George Street
TRANSPORT Train: Wynyard
Bus: Wynyard
Car: Meters/Car Park

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16:00 Welcome
16:10 Seminar Sponsor Halisa International Network
16:15 Overview Time & Date Standards Peter HENRY Date & Time - ISO 8601
16:45 Proposed joint-venture project Stephen GOULD Chair OIC XML & Ecommerce
17:30 Questions    
18:00 Finish