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12 month seminar program
Forum for Clients & Potential Clients
Meeting fees
Registration Notes

FZIG Objectives

The Objectives of the FZIG include:
1Develop XML Applications to facilitate Free Trade Agreements
2Provide regular seminars on Trade Agreements benefiting from XML
3Submit applications for ITOL funding grants

12 month seminar program - 2005

1JanuaryThu 27 Jan 2005
2FebruaryThu 24 Feb 2005
3MarchThu 24 Mar 2005
4AprilThu 28 Apr 2005
5MayThu 26 May 2005
6JuneThu 23 Jun 2005
7JulyThu 28 Jul 2005
8AugustThu 25 Aug 2005
9SeptemberThu 22 Sep 2005
10OctoberThu 27 Oct 2005
11NovemberThu 24 Nov 2005
12DecemberDec 22 Apr 2005

FZIG Monthly Education Seminars

The Schedule of Seminars and Speakers can reviewed on here

This program is subject to changed but the dates are fixed unless key speakers are unable to make the dates specified and request changes

Forum for Clients & Potential Clients

One of the main purposes for forming the OIC in 1994 OIC Culture was to
provide a neutral ground forum to assist business management appreciate the issues
involved with successful long term implementations of Electronic Information
Technologies (EIT).

Members of the OIC are encouraged to bring clients and potential clients to these
seminars to discuss the issues and perhaps consider an involvement with E-commerce
project consortia to share the risk and propagate the benefits to user communities.

Registration Fees

To assist with the refreshments attendees are requested to register on the OIC Event
registration site FZIG meeting registration

The fees for seminar registration are:

Attendee TypeEarly birdRegistrationMembership 2002
Non-Member: $ 50.00$ 75.00
Event Notice Member: $ 40.00$ 60.00$ 500.00
Project Notice Member: $ 25.00$ 50.00$ 1,500.00
Project Observation Member:free $ 25.00$ 2,500.00
Project Participation Member:freefree$ 3,000.00
These fees may very depending on whether there is a key Australian speaker or an international speaker

Membership application can be submitted on Membership Registration

Registration Notes

1These rules are subject to change without notice as the OIC Electronic Processes are developed
2The Membership fees and seminar fees are to fund prototype projects like the
Electronic Event Registration Web forms, develop the OIC Electronic infrastructure and
extend the contact base
3OIC Project Observation and Project Participation Members may bring up to 4 persons
for at no additional fees. Non-members are limited to 2 persons
4OIC Project Observation and Project Participation Members receive copies of meetings
papers electronically and can access the Special Interest Group libraries electronically
5As a registered attendee you will receive electronically a copy of the papers provided by
the speakers for distribution within your own organisation and to clients
6A Membership application can be submitted on Membership Registration

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