Special Interest Groups
XML Special Interest Group [XZIG]
EDIFACT Review Work Group [ERWG] - completed
XML Documentation Indexing WGroup [DIWG] - completed
GIS Special Application Group [GZAG] - on hold pending GPS project
Translation Special Interest Group [TZIG]
E-Attachments/Downloads Work Group [EZAG] - time to revive ?
XML Definition Work Group [XDWG] - completed
Local Government Special Interest Group [LZIG]
Open Source & Linux Special Interest Group [OZIG]
Free Trade Agreement Special Interest Group [FZIG]
Community Initiatives Special Interest Group [CZAG]
Local Government Information Network [LIEN]
Kids-Safe-At-Sport [KASA-Au]
ePedal-Power Network
Sustainability Action Network [SAN]
eHealth Aged Care Financial Instrument [AGFI]
"Herald/Age Lateral Economic [HALE] Index of Wellbeing" Special Interest Group [SZIG]
Review "NSW Government Digital Economy Strategy"
Review "National Digital Economy Strategy [NDES]"
"Bitcoin & Blockchain Technologies" Special Interest Group [TZIG]

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