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Tue 30 Dec 2008					Recipient:447cge11
					Y/R:Huge debts for Future Generations

TO:	Most Revd and Rt Hon Dr Rowan WILLIAMS	cc	Anglican Leaders
	Archbishop of Canterbury			Parents
	Leader of the World's Anglicans			Interested Parties

Dear Archbishop

We write on behalf of concerned Parents and Rate-payers to draw your
attention to what appears to be a deliberate Policy of creating Debt
through Mis-management.

Many Parents and Rate-Payers believe that there is a need for 
an updated Magna Carta possibly in 2015 whereby 

1	Tax is recognised as a Feudal process and replaced by
	an Electronic Transaction Credit system similar to the
	Australian Electronic Transaction Acts [ETA] 1999-2005
	The importance of the ETA legislation was confirmed by the 
	Hon Jennifer RANKINE SA Minister for Volunteers in a letter 
	dated 22 Dec 2006 stating "The ETA provides the regulatory 
	framework that 

	(a) recognises the importance of the information economy to 
	the future economic and social prosperity of Australia"

2	The proposed new Model of eGovernment ensures that all
	organisations use the agreed international standards for 
	web-forms rather than PDF download forms to minimise
	administration costs

	The new model of Government that appears to be adopted in 
	Australia in breach of the Constitution is Model (4) the 
	"Payments Voucher Model"

3	Each person is allocated a number of eProfiles to respond
	quickly to eInformation processes eg basic eProfile, school
	eProfile, University eProfile, Leisure eProfile, Career 
	eProfile, Carbon Credits eProfile	

A	Background
B	Examples of creating Debt by Mis-Management
C	Advice sought on this issue


Further to recent articles re your discussions with the UK Prime Minister
about the new Economic Policies that place "Huge Long Term debt for 
Future Generations" we have placed a number of recent relevant articles 
that are cause for concern on a web-site for review

As a Group of Parents we have been tracking how certain legislation
like the Australian State Child Protection Acts are virtually impossible
for Junior Sports Clubs to implement due to antiquated Processes
operated by the Sports Peak Bodies.

We have watched as the junior sports clubs membership costs have
escalated in leaps and bounds though a variety of "elastic administration
fees" each with GST (VAT) increasing the Taxman's coffers.

And how Junior Sports Clubs are encouraged by the Sport Peak Bodies 
to set up web-sites with "Volunteer Web Co-ordinators"

It appears that certain advice has been given to Federal, State 
and Local Government Organisations about new Electronic Policy 
and Process that add considerable long term costs.

Examples include:

a	the 2004 Rio Tinto WA Future Fund which sponsored the 
	development of a Volunteers Management Scheme which provide 
	the State Sport & Recreation department and the Sport Peak Body
	with the Volunteer Credits but not the Volunteer or the Sports Club.

b	The very recently published Council 2008/2009 Statements on 
	Governance and Administration costs and off-balance sheet
	account notes. Local examples are

				Governance Costs	Administration Costs

	Mosman Council		$ 1,050,000		$  5,710,000

	North Sydney Council	$ 1,330,000		$ 10,680,000

	Manly Council		$ 2,740,000		$ 10,860,000

	Warringah Council	$ 3,990,000		$ 48,010,000

The Governance and Administration costs appear to be due to the
Information Technology and Web services provided by Council
whereby each Council Department invoices another Council
Department which outsources some of the required services

c	Politicians and Local Government Councillors aware of
	the "financial opportunities" from new Waste Management 
	and Energy management Companies	eg 

	1	2007 NSW ex-premier $ 16,000,000 from Coal shares

	2	What is Council's "Entrepreneurial Income" $ 3,264,540 ?
	3	How is "Waste Management Income" $ 4,131,321 derived ?

	4	New Privatised electricity, energy, carbon, waste, 
		water, building management organisations for local 
		Energy Internets eg The London Energy Internet 


However more recently there have been a number of examples
of how Government is working with Big Business to create
Debt by Mis-management

Examples include:

a	Telstra and IBM $ 750,000,000 7-year contract to outsource
	spare parts management - setting up this project included 

	1	changing the location bar-codes 3 times in two months 
		so that no-one could find any of the parts

	2	recruiting inexperienced unsupervised youngsters to set up 
		the warehouse

	3	ensuring that the delicate spare-part boards were damaged by 
		repeated physical sorting
b	The Health System pre-occupation with 22-page internal
	job downloaded PDF forms

c	Recent water buy-backs by NSW State Government including the 
	$34,000,000 buy back from Tandou Farm (Nov 2008)

	"Tandou Farm is Australia's largest producer of the high value, 
	long staple cotton species known as prima cotton"

d	OCED contract to outsource all the storage of its reports 
	as an On-line Sales process 

e	Queensland University 2006 tender where a bid for electricity 
	is required every 15 minutes


A number of people have been contacted for advice on these issues

a	The Mayor of Mosman 2006-2008
b	Various NSW Government Minister including

		1	NSW Premier
		2	NSW Minister for Sport & Recreation
		3	NSW Minister for Local Government
		4	NSW Minister for Health
c	A leading Australian Constitutional Professor
However none are able to provide answers hence the suggestion
for the Church of England to propose a new Magna Carta for 2015


We would appreciate your thoughts on these issues as well as the
proposal for a new Magna Carta

Yours deeply concerned

Hon Chair		Hon Secretary		Hon Compliance Officer

E:	paul.jenkins@ksas-au.net
M:	0416-009-468
T:	{61}(2) 9953-7412


The Australian Spam Act 2003 was reviewed in detail at the OIC
seminar on 26 May 2005

The Australian Spam Act 2003 refers to Spam as "unsolicited
commercial emails".   

Emails in the Public Interest such as this email are not classified 
as "unsolicited commercial emails" hence do not require an unsubscribe 

None of the email addresses were purchased and were collected 
according to the proper processes outlined in the Australian Spam 
Act 2003.

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