DEWRSB - Scope & Objectives
Local Government Consultancy Contract date 23 Feb 2001
E-commerce Initiative 2001/10 date 04 May 2001
The Australian Department of Employment, Workplace Relations & Small 
Business [DEWRSB] has issued a number of Consultancy Contracts and Tenders
to stimulate the adoption of E-commerce methodologies.

A	2001/02/23 eCommerce Local Government Consultancy Contract
B	2001/05/04 EOI 2001/10 eCommerce Initiative


In Feb 2001 DEWRSB commissioned members of the OIC Local Government Special 
Interest Group to conduct a series of surveys with 172 NSW Local Government 

These surveys were to determine:

1	whether Council had nominated a person responsible for Internet 
	application review within Council

2	which Internet applications were of interest and the priority
	within Council for that aplication

3	the current applications, age of implementation and Internet/XML 

B	EOI 2001/10 E-COMMERCE INITIATIVE 04/05/2001

In May 2001 DEWRSB issued an Expression of Interest 2001/10 for an E-commerce
initiative to utilise the Australian Business Number [ABN] as a unique 
identifier for E-commerce transactions.

This EoI has 4 sections:

A	Develop and implementation of ABN Registry Services for different 
	industry sectors

B	Marketing, promotion and recruitment of ABN holders to those 

C	Develop E-commerce products and services for ABN holders

D	Issuance of ABN Digital Signature Certificates [DSC]

The OIC has submitted a response to section 2 and 3.  

OIC members have also have made submssions.

A series of education/awareness meetings have been planned for the next 
12 months to review:

1	working with other Associations to develop ABN Registry Services

2	preparing and implementing a long term marketing, recruitment
	strategy for those Associations

3	developing E-commerce products and services

Pleas link to Register for Wed 25/07/2001.  

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