Dear Headmaster - since this email was prepared on Sat 12 Aug 2006
two Local Councils in Australia have published tenders for "Sport 
Infrastructure Strategies" with funding from their State Department of 
Sport & Recreation [DSR]

Next week-end I will illustrate how the Coding methodology enables
e-mails, wordprocessing documents and web-pages to be indexed


Stephen GOULD
01:19 T 2006/08/15 Syd 2089 

10:07 Sat 12 Aug 2006						REF:44FSCABI1
								Y/R: 450 Anniversary
	Headmaster 						SGGould - 1961-68
								Roger SEVERN
Dear Headmaster

Thank you for letter dated 28 July 2006 and the Appeal brochure "450 
Anniversary Campaign for a Performing Arts Centre".

This e-mail is to offer a different form of long-term Bursary that could 
greatly assist with raising the funds required for your current campaign
and provide a long-term work experience for Hampton students.

The offer is in the form of a Royalty to the School for implementing the
UK version of an electronic "Leadership Development and Responsibility 
Practice" methodology for Volunteer sports.

This eMethodology has been developed from earlier research with
Hampton School in 1988.

The overall programme is called Electronic Volunteer Administration
and Management Process - eVAMP.

A	Overview ofeVAMP project
B	Background to project
C	Long term Royalities for UK Reference Site
D	Next Steps


It has been developed over the last 2 years with a Junior Football (soccer)
side in the Pittwater Peninsula Northern Beaches Sydney

The Club has over 1,000 juniors at 12 different local schools and plays 
in a District Football Association with 16 similar size Football Clubs.

The key objectives of eVAMP include:

1	Enable amateur sports clubs to comply with Child Protection

2	Provide a platform to teach "Leadership Development and
	Responsibility Practice" to junior sports people

3	improve the coaching of junior players

4	Enable local businesses to sponsor junior (6-18 yr) sports

5	utilise Information Technology and Communications [ITC] to 
	improve the administration and volunteer co-ordination within
	the club


I was at Hampton Grammar from 1961-1968 and played Rugby for the
Old Boys from 1970 - 1982 including 4 years as Club Captain.

In Apr 1982 I was transferred to Australia by my employer Burroughs 
Computers (now Unisys) as Director of Office Automation to develop
and implement an Office Automation strategy.

In 1988 I returned to the UK and met with Norman BRITNOR then Acting
Head Master to conduct a series of surveys on using an Information 
Code devised by my father for resource management within the School.

In 1990 I met with Graham ABLE your predecessor to discuss the School 
being a development site for the new electronic coding methodology which 
had been adopted by the International Airlines Committee ATA 100.
My father was the BOAC Representative on the ATA 100 Committee
Hampton letter for Project Joint-venture 1990

In 1999 the methodology won the first prize in an international Software 
contest hosted by the Mayor of Stockholm.  

The King of Sweden presented us with the Trophy.

For the past 2 years we have been developing an Application for Sports 
Communities (eVAMP - Electronic Volunteer Administration & Management 
Process) that enables local businesses to sponsor Junior team web pages 
and to provide an application to facilitate Schools to network 
electronically to update team results.
Benefits of an Electronic Volunteer Sports Club

The core module of eVAMP is to assist Clubs meet the Australian Child
Protection legislation.

In the UK there is a similar piece of legislation called Children Act 2004
which came into force on 01 Apr 2006

In Australia the Australian Sports Commission has developed guide-lines 
for Children and Sport

In England, Sport England has identified "The Contribution of Sport
to meeting the Needs of Children and Young People" 


We are looking for a UK reference test site to tailor the system for 
the UK market.

As ITC is constantly in a state of change the Business Model has
been adopted of on-going monthly payments to enable changes to be 
accommodated in the application.

The reference site will receive electronic Royalties for 5 years as part 
of the Business Model.

It may also be worth considering the marketing, training and support 
for eVAMP as a project for the 5th and 6th form pupils as part of 
Business experience.

If Hampton School is prepared to consider the offer I will provide 
further details.

I am planning to visit the UK in 2007 as part of a trip for the 450 
Anniversary dinner and the Rugby World Cup 2007.

Part of that trip is to present to the OHA Rugby Club my 0ld 
Hamptonian Rugby Shirt signed by the 2003 Australian Rugby World 
Cup team that lost to England in the Final 17-14. 


Please advise if this type of Royalty Funding for the Appeal is of interest

My regards to Norman BRITNOR who provided much assistance with
the initial Electronic Resource Management project in 1988 

Yours sincerely

Stephen GOULD
11:58	S 2006/08/12 Syd 2089

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W:	Biography 1987-2001

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