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Type of Organisation

The OPEN INTERCHANGE CONSORTIUM (OIC) is a virtual association formed in Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia in 1994.

The OIC is currently an unincorporated Association pending the acceptance of its proposed Constitution by the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

The NSW 1984 Associations Incorporation Act requires Associations to register using a standard Association constitution.

This standard constitution will not allow the OIC to operate to meet the requirements of the OIC members for New Economy practices such as Electronic Credits, outsourced services and member projects.

A draft constitution has been developed by the OIC Rules and Constitution Committee. This draft constitution was based on the unanimous
mandates of the members at the 1996 AGM.

It is envisaged that possibly within the next 12-18 months the 1984 NSW Association Act may be amended to include New Economy processes, practices and procedures.

These amendments may be stimulated by:
1the Australian Department of Treasury Public Consultation Oct 1999 "Building Consumer Confidence in E-commerce: A Best Practice Model for Business". The OIC submission was followed by an interview and further submissions E-commerce: In the Public Interest and the importance of the Electronic Notary
2as a result of research projects and outcomes from the Global Bangemann Challenge 2000 New Economy category Global Bangemann Challenge 2000
3the nomination of Melbourne as the Oceania representative in the 22 city committee of the Global Cities Dialogue

The OIC is a not-for-profit organisation whose officers carry out a number of volunteer operations for Electronic Credits. An example of the OIC Electonic Credits system can be reviewed on XZIG Management Metrics. Many of the operational functions are outsourced to members including web site development, contact management, event management and project management.

Contact Details

E (E-mail)
T (Telephone):{+61}(2) 9953-7412
F (Fax):{+61}(2) By email please


PO Box 517
Neutral Bay Junction NSW 2089

ABN: 98-594-482-296

Volunteer Officers

Public Officer:Stephen GOULD
Web Master:Lars SORHUS
Events Co-ordinator:Stevan GILLMORE
Projects Co-ordinator:Stephen GOULD
TIMS Co-ordinatorPeter HENRY
Other members of the OIC Management Committee are:

Patricia COLLINS

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