This is a record of the meetings and participants who contributed to the development
of the OIC culture and infrastructure

Formation Programme

1Mission Statement (MS) 12/04/96}
Objectives (OB) 26/04/96} May 10
Benefits for Members (BM) 10/05/96}

2 Publicity of MS / OB / BM 24/05/96}
Marketing Strategy 07/06/96} Jun 21
Budgets 21/06/96}

3 Prepare Minister ALSTON 05/07/96 }
Map out project matrix 19/07/96 } Aug 2
Agree areas of interest 02/08/96 }

4 ZIG & ZAG co-ordinators 16/08/96}
Establish key projects 30/08/96} Sep 13
Program info sharing 13/09/96}

Annual General Meeting 23/07/96

OIC Vision Day 23/08/96

OIC Formation Management Committee

Key stages in formation of OIC 1996 - 2001
Member Representatives Members
Greg BELL/Jeremy BELL Advansys
Bruce ASKEW Bruce Askew & Associates
Stephan SMYDZUK Commonwealth Bank Aus
John MILFORD/Ron EXTON Decision Support Centres Aus
Simon TILLEY Govt Purchasing Index
Stephen GOULD Halisa-NSW Partnership
Robert WHITER Hypercom
Mario CARNIATO Kimberly-Clark
Damien CARR Media Technology
Mark NELSON MN & Associates
James WILSON Optus Communications
Les GILLINGS Quintiles Australia
Stevan GILLMORE SDG & Associates