Program Sponsors
Sponsoring an OZIG Education/Awareness seminar
Education/Awareness Seminar Sponsors

Program Sponsors

Sponsoring an OIC Special Interest Group (ZIG) or Special Application Group (ZAG) program requires the host to provide a regular meeting room, refreshments and facilities to enable the monthly meetings to function as a networking forum.

A Program Sponsor is required to provide those resources for 12 meetings on the understanding that if a competitor would like to sponsor a meeting at their own premises then the program sponsor will agree to this request.

This is to ensure that the OIC is recognised and maintains its position as a Neutral Ground Forum to raise awareness of Electronic Information Technology issues.

Any Participating Project member may sponsor a 12 month Education/Awareness Seminar Programme.

The fee for sponsoring a 12 month programme is: $ 10,000

Sponsoring an OZIG Event

Any participating member may sponsor an Education/Awareness Seminar.

The fee for sponsoring a Seminar is: $ 1,500

Sponsor Benefits
1An e-mail distribution to over 9,000 (current market rate 40c per contact) e-mail contacts around Australia
24 meeting e-mails with link to the sponsor Web site
4The meeting sponsor's introduction to explain their organisation/product/service
4A permanent link to the Sponsor's Web site via the OIC Portal

Education/Awareness Seminar Sponsors

StreamMonth YearSponsor
Open Source Applications Jan 29/01/2004abas Information Systems
User Experience Feb 19/02/2004Tellurian
Open Source & Government Mar 25/03/2004
Technical issues Apr 22/04/2004
Open Source Applications May 27/05/2004
User Experience Jun 24/06/2004
Open Source & Government Jul 22/07/2004
Technical Aug 26/08/2004
Open Source Applications Sep 23/09/2004
User Experience Oct 28/10/2004
Open Source & Government Nov 25/11/2004
Technical Dec 16/12/2004

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