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John Allsopp
Western Civilisation

John Allsopp is a founder of Westciv, an Australian web software development and training company, which provides some of the best CSS resources and tutorials on the web. Westciv's software and training are used in dozens of countries around the World.

The head developer of the leading cross platform CSS editor, Style Master, John has written on web development issues for numerous web and print publications and was one of the earliest members of the Web Standards Project.

Jodie Camden
Police Information Exchange

Jodie Camden is Project Manager for CNIE, a project which will provide a vastly improved information exchange between NSW Police and the court system.

A fully-qualified lawyer, Jodie's experience in the Justice Sector is second to none, covering ICAC, Dept of Juvenile Justice, and Ombudsman's Office. In the court system, Jodie has worked in Local and Children's Courts in some of the toughest areas in the state.

In NSW Police, Jodie has held senior positions in Internal Affairs, Protective Security, Legal Services, State Crime Command, and several Local Area Commands, before joining Business and Technology Services. In her last IT project for NSW Police, the Technical Infrastructure Enhancement, Jodie had complete responsibility for Organisational Change for 20,000 employees across 500 locations. This $55m project has been judged one of the most successful in the history of NSW Police, with unprecedented levels of client satisfaction.

Strong business skills allied with user-based technical exposure developed through many years experience in both the courts and with NSW Police give Jodie a unique viewpoint into how well-designed information systems translate into more effective policing.

Steve Capell
Red Wahoo

After 9 years in international oilfield operations, Steve joined the IT industry in 1996. 2 years managing SAP deployments followed by 3 years building B2B marketplaces with Commerce One has given Steve a strong understanding of both the business and the technology challenges around building scalable B2B communities. In 2001 Steve co-founded RedWahoo, an organisation focused on bringing open standards based genuine B2B capability to organisations of all sizes. RedWahoo are the architects of the Australian National Government Interoperability Framework, and are leading the development and deployment of GovDex, a Government interoperability toolset (www.govdex.gov.au). Steve is contributor to both OASIS and UN/CEFACT standards working groups.

Marcus Carr
Allette Systems

Marcus has a diverse background in the development of SGML and XML systems, architectures and standards spanning fifteen years. He has designed and implemented systems for numerous large-scale Australian and overseas publishers in areas such as defence, legal, financial, pharmaceutical, air transport and others. Marcus is the current editor of the LIXI group of standards and contributes time to several international standards bodies.

Clive Finkelstein
Information Engineering Services

Clive Finkelstein is acknowledged worldwide as the "Father" of Information Engineering, and is Managing Director of Information Engineering Services Pty Ltd in Australia. He has published many books and papers. He provides training and consulting in all aspects of Enterprise Architecture, with rapid delivery of priority areas using Enterprise Engineering. During implementation he moves organizations to rapid implementation using XML, Web Services, Service-Oriented Architecture, (SOA) Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Portals.

Stephen Gould
Open Interchange Consortium

Stephen Gould is the Chair of the XML & eCommerce Special Interest Group [XZIG] of the Open Interchange Consortium [OIC]. He is the former Director of Office Automation for Burroughs (Unisys) and has advised a number of SME Business Associations on eCommerce Strategies for their members.

Jason Harrop

Jason Harrop is a consultant specialising in web strategy and implementation. Jason is currently working with the Office of the Chief Information Officer to ensure the Victorian Government's websites support its iGovernment transformation. Previously Jason was founder and CTO of SpeedLegal (now Exari). Exari's core offering is an XML-centric document automation solution which is designed to cater for complex variable content, such as is found in contracts and other legal documents. In those days Jason also served on the leadership team of the OASIS LegalXML eContracts Technical Committee.

Bhushan Khaladkar
Oracle Corporation

Bhushan Khaladkar is a Principal Member of Technical Staff in the Oracle XMLDB team. He has been with Oracle since 1999.

Christophe Lauret
Allette Systems

Christophe Lauret has a master’s degree in IT engineering from French Grande Ecole INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences). His particular interest is in software design and hypermedia engineering. In his role at Allette Systems, he has gained experience with the design and development of network and web-based applications, database design and software architecture, as well as numerous programming languages.

Andy Lee
Changfeng Alliance

With a PHD in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1995, Dr. Lee started his career in LSI Logic as a senior packaging engineer from 1988 to 1991, then SGI corp. as a senior system engineer from 1991 to 1993, HP Lab from 1993 to 1997 as senior system consulting engineer.

Internet Image Inc. a company started by Dr. Lee in 1997 to develop web based MIS tool was acquired by Intraware Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRA) in 1999. Dr. Lee was then appointed Sr. Vice President of Intraware from 1999 - 2001. Dr. Lee was invited to be the director of eCommerce R&D center of the China academy of sciences, the top government funded research institute.

Dr. Lee was also the deputy general secretary of China eCommerce Association, the chairman of technical committee of ChangFeng alliance, the largest industry consortium in China, and the adjunct president of Digital China research institute. Digital China is the largest application software vendor in China.

Tim McGrath

Tim McGrath was an active participant in the development of the ISO 15000 (ebXML) standards. In 2005 he published (with Bob Glushko) "Document Engineering: Designing Documents for Business Informatics and Web Services" from MIT Press. Since 2002 Tim has been working with the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) project and in July 2005 was appointed Vice-chair.

Darren Menachemson
Australian Taxation Office

Darren Menachemson is the director of the Standard Business Reporting Project at the Tax Office. Since the start of 2004, Darren has led a number of Change Management areas, most recently associated with ATO's Change Program, where he was involved in solution integration/assurance and visualisation.

Since 1998, Darren has worked in several of roles relating to the web space. This includes Web Channel Manager for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, and as a Project Manager for Health Insurance Commission (Now Medicare Australia), where he was led or participated in a number of aspects of their implementation of the Government Online strategy.

Darren has been an active participant in the field of design, particularly human-centred design, interaction design and information architecture. This has included formal roles such as ATO's UCD Community of Practice Leader, and membership of a variety of related groups and forums.

Paul Pogonoski
Japara Solutions

Paul Pogonoski is the CTO and principal of Japara Solutions. Paul has held positions in architecture and OO analysis/design specialist for BHP IT, Optus, Prudential, Zurich, Westpac, Deutsche Bank, and a number of start-up companies. He has been involved in J2EE based implementations since the release of J2EE 1.0 and is part of the Web Services Vanguard in Australia.

Rick Jelliffe

Rick Jelliffe is the CTO of Topologi Pty Ltd, an Australian company supplying integration solutions for large scale publishing and markup operations. As a standards activist, Rick is a recognised expert in schema languages and internationalisation, where his ideas have influenced XML and SGML. He is currently the editor of the ISO Schematron schema language standard and an invited expert to the W3C Internationalisation Interest Group.

Vish Viswanathan
Open Group

Dr. Vish Viswanathan is currently Managing Principal of CCANDC Solutions, an organisation in Asia/Pacific specialising in practical implementations of Enterprise Architecture based on a best of breed approach involving TOGAF, Zachman and other methodologies and tools. He is actively spearheading The Open Group activities through championing TOGAF in Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN regions as the Regional Partner as well as in his capacity as the Vice Chair- Asia Pacific for the Architecture Forum.

Bill Young
State Services Commission

Bill is Technical Architect for the All-of-government Authentication Programme run by the New Zealand Government's State Services Commission. The Programme provides common infrastructures for agencies to authenticate users accessing government services via a common means of authentication. Bill's specialty lies in Information Security, implementing Authentication and Access Control solutions.


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