There has been a dramatic change in Local Government tenders in the new Financial Year 
as Government moves to stimulate the Economy possibly as a result of an AusIndustry Initiative

In the past month a number of Councils have published tenders for Economic Development 
Strategies, Recreation Strategies and Environment Strategies particularly with Water

Here is a selection of 13 Victorian Council Business Consultancy Tenders out of a total of 41 
Tenders published by Victorian Councils on Sat 02 Sep 2006.

The Initiative launched by AusIndustry in Jul 2005 was called the "Regulation Reduction
Incentive Fund - RRIF" with $ 50 Million to encourage Councils to apply for grants for 
applications that demonstrate

A	"sustainable reductions in compliance costs, 

B	improved opportunities for small and home-based businesses, and 

C	the potential for application nationally"

Some Councils formed State Consortiums like the Victorian EasyBiz 32 Council Consortium to 
apply for a $ 6.2 Million grant to develop an Electronic Hub to provide "sustainable reductions
in compliance costs" although it does not appear to offer "improved opportunities" for
small and home based businesses.

Other Councils also developed stand alone Cost Reduction applications. 

Here is a selection of 29 Applications under development by different Councils

The Seminar Papers on Thu 28 Sep will review how the OIC Member developed SME Sports Support
Initiative can assist Australian Councils meet all 3 Objectives of the AusIndustry
Funding Programme.

The OIC is seeking members in all States to join OIC Local Government Special Interest Group
[LZIG] to support Local SMES and Councils with their Economic Development Strategies

EVENT Local Government TOPIC SME Business Opportunities
DATE Thu 28 Sep 2006 TIME 16:00 - 18:00
AAPT Building
259 George Street
TRANSPORT Train: Wynyard
Bus: Wynyard
Car: Meters/Car Park

Registration for Seminar - Early Bird by 17:00 Mon 18 Sep 2006


16:00 Welcome
16:10 Seminar Sponsor
Halisa Europe
16:15 Council Grant Applications Review AusIndustry Grants
16:45 SME Business Opportunities Sport Showing the Way
17:30 Questions    
18:00 Finish