It is time for Volunteer Work to be considered as a Community Asset !

24 Aug 2005 The Australian Computer Society [ACS] has joined Professions Australia for matching Volunteers with requirements.
These 24 Professional Associations are adding real value for the Community hence IT IS time to place a values on Volunteer work !
This seminar has been extended until Thu 22 Sep 2005 to research further information for Australian Volunteer Organsiations.

On 06 Jun 2005 an article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald "Bored members hate meetings".
The article identified 5 major concerns from a survey of 352 Volunteering Organisations conducted by a
Melbourne based Not-for-Profit Organisation called Ourcommunity.com.au.

Around the same time, a similar organisation to the OIC in Silicon Valley called the Silicon Valley Webguild started to emphasise
that Volunteers area very important resource for the Webguild to be able to operate its Special Interest Groups.

In addition there have been a number of grants/funds published on the OTMG Tender Information Management Service [TIMS] for Volunteer initiatives.

Volunteering and the willingness of people to Volunteer is a major asset for any community hence at the 1996 Annual General Meeting
OIC members voted unanimously on Mandate 3 to develop and implement an eCredits process to not only stimulate Volunteers
but also generate business for the local community

The Seminar on Thu 22 Sep 2005 will examine this eCredits process and invite attendees
to decide if the time is right for an eCredits process as a way to recognise Volunteering as an Asset
for the individual, the organisation represented and the Community involved with the Volunteer effort.

Sponsored by OIC eCommunity Initiatives

EVENT Free Trade Agreements [FTAs] TOPIC Volunteering as a Community Asset
DATE Thu 22 Sep 2005 TIME 16:00 - 18:00
VENUE - eSeminar
Papers distributed
16:00 Thu 22 Sep
FEE Early Bird: $10.00
AEB: $ 30.00
After Early Bird [AEB]

Registration for eSeminar - Early Bird by 17:00 Mon 12 Sep 2005


16:00 Welcome
16:10 Seminar Sponsor OIC CZAG eCommunity Initiatives
16:15 Review Volunteer Tenders Peter HENRY TIMS Co-ordinator
16:30 Volunteering as a Business Asset Diane JOHNSON SME eBusiness Management Services
17:30 Review Questions received    
18:00 Finish