How can we safeguard an individual's IP ?

On 07 Jun 2005 Graeme PHILIPSON a leading Australian IT Researcher published an article in the
Sydney Morning Herald "Free Trade, the new con trick"

That article focused on how the Aus-USA FTA will impact on Intellectual Property [IP].

Graeme's comments included "we have a system that enables the strong to edge out the weak, and that
ultimately stifles creativity rather than fosters it".

A number of speakers have been invited to submit their views on "IP - what is the value and how do you protect your IP ?"

As 26 people have already registered interest in this seminar, it will probably be conducted as an eSeminar to enable
interested parties to access the speakers papers once they have been received.

In addition, as several e-mails have been received from Software Developers concerned with the difficulties of protecting
Intellectual Property, a prototype of an IP Record Registration process has been developed for consideration by interested parties.

Sponsored by Halisa International Network

EVENT Free Trade Agreements [FTAs] TOPIC Intellectual Property
DATE Thu 28 Jul 2005 TIME 16:00 - 18:00
VENUE - eSeminar
Papers distributed
16:00 Thu 28 Jul
FEE Early Bird: $10.00
AEB: $ 30.00
After Early Bird [AEB]

Registration for eSeminar - Early Bird by 17:00 Mon 18 Jul 2005


16:00 Welcome
16:10 Seminar Sponsor Halisa International Network
16:15 Review FTA IP issues Stevan GILLMORE Events Co-ordinator
16:30 Proposed SME IP Process Guy BLOMBERG Halisa International Network
17:30 Review Questions received    
18:00 Finish