Record Trade Deficit - Small & Medium size Enterprises [SME] promoting product/services

According to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry [ACCI] in 2003
"1,200,000 Small Business in Australia account for 96% of the total number of all Australian Business".
(Ref Speech by Peter HENDRY Chief Executive ACCI Aug 2003 at University NSW)

That Speech identified a number of factors that restrict the development of SMEs including
excess Government (Federal, State and Local) Regulation arising out of Legislation

The Legislation and the Regulations are not likely to be reduced or disappear.

However the Internet does enable SMEs to understand and mange these issues far more effectively.

In addition the Internet provides an unprecedented way for SMEs to display their products/services

SME eGallery Services is being developed by SMEs to provide a number of eBusiness Management Services.

A key aspect for Web Developers and their Clients will be how many people can find the
new Web site/service/product of an SME starting on the "Voyage of Electronic Commerce".

For many SMEs the ways of promoting the new Web site/service/product may be limited by budget to:

1 Search Engines that may be able to find the web-site - Reactive
Search Engines give a far higher rating for .org sites rather than and

2 E-mail to advise of Web-site - Proactive

3 Sponsoring events to raise profile - Sponsorship

However the current Australian SPAM Act 2004 when compared with the
USA CAN-SPAM Act 2003 places Australian SMEs at a distinct disadvanatge

This Seminar will review the differences in "This Level Playing Field"

Sponsored by SME eGallery Services

EVENT SME eGallery Services TOPIC Review SPAM Act 2004
DATE Thu 24 Mar 2005 TIME 16:00 - 18:00
VENUE - QANTAS Theatrette
AAPT Building
259 George Street
TRANSPORT Train: Wynyard
Bus: Wynyard
Car: Meters/Car Park

Registration for Seminar - Early Bird by 17:00 Mon 14 Mar 2005


16:00 Welcome
16:10 Seminar Sponsor SME eGallery Services
16:15 Review Aus SPAM Act 2003 v USA CAN-SPAM Act 2003 Stephen GOULD Halisa
16:45 International Trade - SPAM Acts SME Level Playing Field ? SMH Analysis SPAM 22 Feb 2005
17:15 Review SPAM EGS Analysis SPAM Wk 5 Feb 2005
17:30 Discussion Changes SPAM Act  
18:00 Finish