This document is to define the RUBAC Data Elements for fields that will change for each activity/event.

In each Activity or Event there are 3 sections:

Section A:	Fields that change for each activity/event

Section B:	Registration details which are standard for each activity

Section C	Payment and Royalty distribution


This project is to develop a parameter (table driven) Active Server Page [ASP] XML standard Event Registration Process
 that can be used by any organisation to register events or activities on the Internet.  

This application can either be licensed to other organisations for use or their own web site or operated on the 
SMEEMS/OIC web site.  

The developers of the application will receive, in line with other OIC projects, IPRs (Intellectual Property Royalties) 
based on a number of financial elements including licence, set-up fees, hits on page, percentage of the total fee for 
registration.  The calculations will be automatic and the royalty amounts will be paid electronically into the bank 
accounts of the application developers.

In addition OIC members that participate in raising awareness of this application and its implementation and support 
will also receive long term IPRs 


There are a number of issues to be considered when develop XML E-commerce applications including:

1 	The EDIFACT standard was developed to give each Data Element (or field) for International Trade a three-character
	code to overcome the problems of translation between the different languages by using a common coding system.  

2 	The current XML developments are using English for each filed description and hence this syntax will create
	problems for international trade 

3 	A number of the reference URLs that are used for TIMS to link to tenders exceed the limits of the link for Excel 
	and Word hence the need to provides some form of structure for URL links

4 	An example of how coding system have been used in a similar is now Thomas JEFFERSON developed the American 
	Constitution with Madison  

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