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13:53 Tue 05 Oct 2004								REF:CPPBGRI1

TO:	Andrew TONGUE						cc	Winton BROCKLEBANK
	First Assistant Secretary					Michael FARMER
	Office of Transport Security			

FM:	Stephen GOULD
	Chair - Management Committee

Dear Andrew

Further to conversations with Winton BROCKLEBANK and Michael FARMER from the Office of Transport Security re the next stages of progressing Electronic Commerce for the Dangerous Cargo Business Rules project of the Australian Logistics Committee [ALC] Management, I confirm the invitation to the Office of Transport Security [OTS] to participate in this project possibly as the Australian Registry for Electronic Dangerous Cargo Management [EDCM] This invitation to participate in the EDCM funding application to the Information Technology On-line Program [ITOL] comprises: A Objectives of project B Background to project C Participation required from OTS D Benefits for OTS E Next Steps A OBJECTIVES OF PROJECT The objectives of the project include: 1 produce an electronic commerce application for the Management of Dangerous Cargoes based on the Business Rules defined by the Australian Logistics Council 2 develop an application that can be licensed to other Transport Logistics committees in other countries possibly as part of the United Nations E-commerce Strategy for the Asia and Pacific region 3 establish the Office of Transport Security as the Electronic Notary for all electronic communications on Dangerous Charge issues. There would be fees to OTS for providing this service to the operational members of the Australian Logistics Council B BACKGROUND a In Nov 2003 the Australian Treasury called for Public Submissions on "Building Consumer Confidence in eCommerce: A Best Practice Model for Business". There were 18 response to this Public Consultation b One of the responses was from Ben ANSON, as the eCommerce consultant for the Sydney Ports Authority. c Ben submitted a response outlining the challenges encountered by the Sydney Ports Authority with eCommerce application d 5 members of the OIC had also submitted response based on eCommerce prototypes developed by OIC members e Contact was made with Ben ANSON re a project that was carried out with the NSW Maritime Services Board by OIC Members in 1988 f OIC members had developed since 1998 a number of applications based on the XML protocol for eCommerce. g As a result of the OIC XML knowledge it had been part of ebXML Australia that had submitted the OIC XML Applications to ebXML. h In Aug 2004 the Facilitator for ebXML was elected as Vice Chair UN/CEFACT i In Sep 2004 the OIC XML & eCommerce received a draft copy of the proposed new Strategy for UN/CEFACT for trade in the Asia-Pacific region j Part of that Strategy includes an awareness of the importance of effective Dangerous Goods Management in the Asia Pacific region k hence this proposal to work together as a consortium to develop with ITOL funding assistance a product can: 1 encourages ALC members to work together electronically 2 be licensed to other Transport groups 3 provides revenue for OTS and the Electronic Notary for eCommerce applications for Dangerous Cargoes C PARTICIPATION CONTRIBUTION FROM OTS The participation contribution required from OTS is: 1 Participating Project membership of the OIC $ 3,000 2 contribution Electronic Project administration $ 5,000 3 facilitate a series of seminars with ALC members during 2005 D ROI FOR OTS FROM PROJECT PARTICIPATION 1 Dangerous Cargo Business Rules project reaches an eCommerce working conclusion 2 OTS received fees as Industry Peak Body (Electronic Notary) for Electronic Dangerous Cargo Management 3 OTS receives Royalties and Transaction Fees from other organisations that licence the finished product possibly including UN/CEFACT NEXT STEPS As the submission for ITOL funding has to be completed by 17:00 Thu 07 Oct 2004 please contact me direct on 0416-009-468 if you wish to clarify any issues. Yours sincerely Stephen GOULD Chair - Management Committee XML & E-commerce Special Interest Group OPEN INTERCHANGE CONSORTIUM 15:53 T 2004/10/05 Syd 2065 E M: 0416-009-468 T: {61}(2) 9953-7412 W:

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