ITOL e-Commerce Funding Program



2	Provide a statement to demonstrate the capability of the consortium members to undertake the project.

The members of the consortium have been involved in several long term e-commerce projects:

	1 	Ben ANSON - Project Manager


	3 	XML Yes Pty Ltd - Rob THOMPSON

	4 	GMB & Associates - Guy BLOMBERG

	5 	OTMG Pty Ltd - Stephen GOULD

	6 	Open Interchange Consortium

1 ??? - Ben ANSON

Ben ANSON has been involved with eCommerce as a consultant for a number of years.

In his last contract he was engaged by the Sydney Ports Authority [SPA] for 15 months to review the progress that the port 
was making with implementation of eCommece by the commercial entities involved with import and export practices with the

In Nov 2003 he made a submission to the Australian Federal Treasury Public Consultation "Building Consumer Confidence in 
eCommerce: A Best Practice Model [BPM] for consumers".

That submission identified a number of problems for the implementation of eCommerce with port Trading entities.

Ben was the Chair of the IT sub-committee that agreed the Business Rules to establish the Electronic Dangerous Cargo 


Winton BROCKLEBANK is the Manager of the "New Freight Regime & Regulated Agents Scheme Compliance Unit" of the "Regional & 
Freight Security Section" of the "Office of Transport Security" of the "Department of Transport and Regional Services"

Winton has been the chair of a number of Committee involved with new Freight processes


Rob THOMPSON was the facilitator of an successful ITOL Application in Round 8.  XML Yes have been invited to join this 
consortium for a number of reasons including:

	i) 	pervious experience of the commercialisation challenges for successful ITOL Grant Applications

	ii) 	a knowledge of current XML application which will provide them with a better insight into this proposed 
		"newer architecture for electronic and paper trade transactions".  

	iii) 	It is anticipated that XML Yes will be able to evaluate how this "newer architecture" may be applicable
		to their specific market sector


Guy BLOMBERG as been the developer for a number of projects based on this "newer architecture" identified by UN/CEFACT.

In 1999 the King of Sweden presented Guy with the Winner's Trophy in the "IT for SME" category of the prestigious Global
Bangemann Challenge.

The award was for an e-commerce application that was a management due diligence process for SMEs to provide trading partners
with regular updates on Y2K Compliance progress

In 2000 Guy was involved with development of the Electronic Tender Information Management Services [TIMS] and defining the
standard tender XML format that was submitted to ebXML Australia in 2002

5	OTMG Pty Ltd - Stephen GOULD

Stephen GOULD represented the Open Interchange Consortium [OIC] on ebXML Australia from its Jul 2000 to its final meeting
in Dec 2003.

He has represented a number of Small Business Associations on EDI Standards Committees including the Australian Small 
Business Association [ASBA] on Standards Australia IS 11/EDI Committee

He has worked with Guy BLOMBERG and other members of the OIC to define eCommerce solutions based on an Information 
Management and Indexing coding methodology designed by his step-father Leonard GOULD. 

B	The contributions and roles of the consortium members are clearly specified.

This contributions and roles have been clearly defined in the budget notes

A	???? - Ben ANSON provides:

	1 	The day-to-day contact with the Industry 

	2 	Business Rules for Dangerous Cargoes 

	3 	ECommerce experience

B	DOTARS - provides the industry contacts to facilitate the implementation of the finished product

C	XML YES - provides:

	1 	the experience of successful ITOL applications and an understanding of the challenges of commercialisation

	2 	a knowledge of current XML processes to compare with the "newer architecture"

	3 	an understanding of how the "newer architecture" may be applicable to other industries

D	GMB & ASSOCIATES - provides:

	1 	technical experience with applications involving the "newer architecture" defined by UN/CEFACT

E	OTMG - provides

	1 	the "newer architecture" for this evaluation as a prototype project


	1 	Equipment and resources

	2 	The electronic infrastructure for the project to be managed electronically 

	3 	The credentials to commercialise the finished product

C	Identify the experience of the project manager in undertaking similar roles in projects of the same scale.

	Ben ANSON has ????

D	Identify any additional technical support to the consortium.

It is anticipated that there may be a requirement for additional technical support during the development of the 

This has been factored into the costs and is under-pinned by the agreement of OIC members that any member involved in an
OIC project received Intellectual property Royalties from OIC project

Normally a company is formed by members of the consortium with agreement on distribution of royalties as a result of the 
intellectual property that is developed.

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