ITOL e-Commerce Funding Program


a	The project's budget and costs represent good value for money

This project provides exceptionally good value for money in that most of the preparation work has already been carried out

This ITOL funding application is bringing together a number of separate projects to produce an eCommerce application that 
may meet the requirements on a very recently identified need for eCommerce by UN/CEFACT namely "a newer architecture for
electronic and paper basedTrading".

These separate eCommerce projects include:

	1 	specifying workflow and document processes		Halisa

	2	identifying potential users and beneficiaries		DOTARS

	3 	defining Business Rules					Ben ANSON

	4 	giving technical enablers experience on projects	OTMG

	5 	developing Electronic Infrastructure			OIC

	6 	Integrating separate modules - this project application

	7 	commercialising the finished product			XML Yes

The majority of the cost of the project has been borne by the individual members of the consortium as part of the research
of defining new eCommerce processes

b	Why the project could not succeed without ITOL Funding

This project has been submitted because a number of separate events have all occurred at the same time that have resulted
in this submission.

These events included:

	1 	The publication by UN/CEFACT that it has identified at its Forum 17 Sep 2004 that eCommerce requires a 
		"newer architecture for electronic and paper trade transactions"

	2 	OIC members have been implementing an eCommerce architecture that might meet the new requirements defined 

	3 	UN/CEFACT may be very interested in the finished product for Ports world-wide

	4 	Ben ANSON after 15 months of developing the Business Rules for Dangerous Cargoes for the Sydney Port 
		Authority [SPA] has finished his contract without implementing those Business Rules because SPA have 
		budget constraints

	5 	DOTARS are very keen to keep the momentum generated by Ben ANSON for the Dangerous Cargoes Business Rules
		going forward

	6 	XML Yes have been in receipt of an ITOL Funding Grant and have found the commercialisation of the finished 
		product more of a challenge than anticipated

Without the ITOL funding at this critical stage the integration of the different work carried out may not reach fruition.

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