ITOL e-Commerce Funding Program



2	Provide a statement to demonstrate how your project meets the following product criteria.

a	State how the project demonstrates an appropriate degree of innovation.

The Innovation is:

	1 	an improved service particularly for National Security with Dangerous Cargoes and terrorism in Australian 

	2 	The innovation is to trial a new methodology for eCommerce which may comply with the requirements identified
		by UN/CEFACT in its recent Forum for "Need a newer architecture that accounts for electronic and paper trade

b	State how the business solution has taken into account the needs of SMEs and other users (including the likely cost).

The business solution has been designed so that any SME will be able to license the solution and interface the eCommerce 
aspect with existing application software.

This design has been the foundation of the research carried out into a "Newer Architecture that accounts for electronic and
paper trade facilitation" as identified by UN/CEFACT

The likely cost will be based on a license fee, a set-up and a transaction fee model.

It is envisaged that Industry Peak bodies will act as the Registry for members and provide a number of services including
Electronic Notary, eCommerce Standard Translation services and automated Back-up Services 

c       The project is based on open standards to encourage interoperability between users;

The project is based on the Extensible Mark-up Language [XML] and the United Nations EDIFACT ISO 9735 protocols.
d       Demonstration that project has adequate technical infrastructure, facilities, and equipment;
The OIC has developed an electronic technical infrastructure for members to be able to exchange and review project progress.

Each member of the project can work from home and other members review the development

e       The project outcome has the potential to be transferred to other sectors of the economy.

If the "Newer Architecture for Electronic and Paper Trade Facilitation" proves to be successful then it has the potential 
to be transferred to other sectors of the economy hence this is why XML Yes have been invited to be part of the Consortium
to evaluate the "newer architecture"

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