ITOL e-Commerce Funding Program



1	Statement to demonstrate how your project meets the following Market criteria:

a	The project addresses a clear, specific market and a strategic need;

The Sydney Port Authority engaged a consultant to identify the key issues for E-commerce within the Ports.

That consultant established an IT Committee to identify the Business Rules for Dangerous Cargoes

These Business Rules have been completed.

The Sydney Port Authority has had to focus on other issues and does not have the budget to complete
The project 

b	The project will help improve industry awareness and adoption of B2B solutions or technologies or uses existing 
	applications in an innovative way;

In 1988 the Australian Association of Port & Marine Authorities [AAPMA] requested a quotation from Halisa as to has to how 
the United Nations Port Information Management System [PORTMIS] could be implemented throughout Australian Ports.

At that time Electronic Data Interchange [EDI] was in its infancy and the management involved with the process were hesitant
about adopting the recommendations

Since that time considerable progress has been made with Electronic Date Interchange [EDI] and E-business yet Australian 
Ports have not progressed with any overall Port implementation.

Now that the Ports have been identified at considerable risk due to potential terrorism from Dangerous Cargoes, the Port 
Industry are aware that it is now timely to implement a Dangerous Cargo eManifest.

c      The project will lead to increased industry competitiveness;

Currently Australian Ports have been reluctant to have a standard Manifest.  Each has developed its own eManifest.  

This has resulted in added costs for all the parties involved in the Import/Export Information Cycle.

However this Dangerous Cargo eManifest could provide the template for a standard Manifest which will provided increased 
competitiveness for Australian Ports and Harbours.
d	The project will deliver broad benefits e.g. reduced costs, improved information flows and Efficient business 
	processing which extend outside the immediate project onsortium members;

This project is a key issue that many of the participants in the Import/Export Information Cycle. 

However due to the number of different Trade entities involved it has been very difficult to achieve consensus between 
the parties as many of the management involved are not conversant with eCommerce issues 

(ref: Submission Ben ANSON eCommerce Consultant Sydney Port Authority to the Federal Treasury Public Consultation Building 
Consumer Confidence in E-Commerce : A Best Practice Model [BPM] for Business Nov 2003 - A):

There are 11 Different trading entities involved with documentation flows for exporters

	1       Chamber of Commerce

	2       Shipper                 Any Nationality

	3       Haulier

	4       Forwarding Agent

	5       Insurance Company       Any Nationality

	6       Customs

	7       Port Authority

	8       Ship                    Any Nationality

	9       Shipping Company

	10      Stevedore

	11      Wharfinger

Ref:: United Nations PortMIS Report (B) 

e	The plan to sustain or commercialise the project when grant funding ceases

The plan is to submit this Dangerous Cargo eManifest to the Australian Association of Port & Marine Authorities [AAPMA] 
and to the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business [UN/CEFACT].  

The finished product will be licensed and there will be a transaction fee for on-going enhancements .
f	The project should seek a high level of industry participation
The Australian Federal Department of Transport and Regional Services is involved with the project.
g	The project does not duplicate other initiatives in the sector/industry.

The involvement of DOTARS and the Project Manager Ben ANSON indicates that this project is not duplicating similar 
initiatives in the sector/industry

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