ITOL e-Commerce Funding Program


1. 	State the Project's objectives; list the more specific and measurable Project aims/outputs.

The projects Objectives include:

	1 	Define Document workflows within a port 

	2 	Develop Electronic Infrastructure to manage project 

	3 	Identify suitable user group to define business rules for specific application 

	4 	Define Business Rules for Specific Application 

	5 	Develop e-Commerce Application based on the Workflow and Business Rules that have been defined.

	6 	Licence the finished product to Australian members and International members of the International 
		Association of Ports & Harbours [IAPH] and UN/CEFACT

2. 	State the Project's activities (in pursuit of the above objectives, link the activities to be undertaken with the
	 milestones and performance indicators to be achieved. 

	1 	Define Document workflows within a port - completed - Halisa

	2 	Develop Electronic Infrastructure to manage project electronically - prototype completed - OIC

	3 	Identify suitable user group to define business rules for specific application - completed - DOTAR

	4 	Define Business Rules for Specific Application - Dangerous Goods - completed

	5 	Develop e-Commerce Business Rules Application - this funding application

Activities [a list of tasksPerformance Indicators [aMilestones [key points which
proposed to achieve thea statement of measurablemark significant stages of
objective]outputs which reflects theproject implementation -
ongoing activities and theplease provide dates or
extent to which they indicatetiming]
progress towards meeting the
project objective.]
1 Arrange meeting with1 Receive confirmation fromBy 14 Oct 2004
identified user group toattendees who prepared to be
discuss next stage businesspart of EDCM prototype -
rule developmentpreferably 2 in each state
2 Convert Business Rules to Business Rules split into weeklyOct/Nov 2004
XML E-commerce formatconversion sections
3 Prepare Survey prototypeElectronic web survey preparedBy 21 Oct 2004
members IT equipment
and software
4 Complete SurveyElectronic web survey By 28 Oct 2004
5 Review different systems Prepared report on electronicReport on By 14 Nov 2004
used by prototype memberssurvey results
for records of manual
Dangerous Goods
6 Implement 1st seriesWeekly reports on01 Dec 2004 start Weekly
Business Rulesimplementation progressreports
7 Complete pilotFinal Report31 Dec 2004
3. State the Consortium membership (a minimum of 3 organisations, including the applicant organisation) and their roles.
Consortium MemberRole ($ and/or in-kind contributions are to be itemised in the
Budget - see Part F of this form)
1 OTS - DOTARSUser Co-ordinator $ 5,000 and $ 50,000 in-kind
2 OTMG Pty Ltd XML E-commerce Developer - $ 50,000 in-kind
3 Ben ANSONKnowledge Business Rules - Project Manager
4 Guy BLOMBERG Port Workflow expert
5 Open Interchange ConsortiumElectronic Project Management Infrastructure
Signed letters of support from each organisation identified above should be provided with the application. Each letter of support should confirm the role of the organisation and the level of contribution to be made to the project ($ and/or in-kind). 4. State any relationships ie subsidiaries, joint ownership, etc between consortium members. All are members of the Open Interchange Consortium and have agreed to the OIC policies for an ROI on Intellectual property Royalties [IPRs] for eCommerce applications 5. Why is funding sought for this project? 1 The Office of Transport Security was only formed 3 months ago to resolve the Business Rules issues for eCommerce applications involved with Dangerous Cargoes. 2 At this stage neither the Senior Management of the Ports and DOTARS are unfamiliar with the technical challenges for implementing eCommerce applications and allocating appropriate budgets and resources 3 OIC members have been understanding the technical issues involved and developing the electronic infrastructure to support this type of project but do not have the financial resources to fund this important project for the ports 4 Key consultants like Ben ANSON are only available now as they finish the current project while the information and contacts are still fresh before he moves to the next project

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