ITOL e-Commerce Funding Program


12.	Project Abstract (maximum 500 words) Note: summarise objectives, purpose and timeframe for completion.


At the recent UN/CEFACT (United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business) Forum in Virginia USA from 
13-17 Sep 2004 the presentation by Duane NICKULL Vice Chair UN/CEFACT and Chair of the OASIS SOA (Service Oriented 
Architecture) Technical Committee identified a key issue for e-Business namely

		S16 "Need a newer architecture that accounts for electronic and paper trade facilitation" 

This ITOL Funding Submission is to develop a prototype using a newer architecture that "will account for electronic and 
paper trade facilitation".

The application for the prototype will be based on work already carried out by the consultant engaged by the Sydney Ports
Authority to ensure that Best Practice Management procedures are followed by Australian Ports in relation to Dangerous

The objectives are to develop a Dangerous Cargo Manifest that is accepted by all the members of the committee formed by the
Office of Transport Security of the Australian Federal Government Department of Transport and Regional Services [DOTARS]


The purpose of the project includes:

	1 	provide a simple and effective Dangerous Cargo Manifest that is acceptable to all parties involved in the 
		Dangerous Cargo Workflow process

	2 	to include all the Business Rules specified by the IT Sub-committee chaired by Ben ANSON Ecommerce 
		Consultant to the Sydney Ports Authority

	3 	deliver an eCommerce application that complies with the requirements of UN/CEFACT for the Asia-Pacific Region

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