ITOL e-Commerce Funding Program


1. Name of person and one organisation to be responsible for the project

					Stephen GOULD
					Chair - Management Committee
					XML & E-commerce Special Interest Group [XZIG]
					Open Interchange Consortium

2. Type of organisation:

					ABN:   98-594-482-296                                   

					Not for Profit

3. Contact Name: 			Stephen GOULD

4. Email:

5. Contact telephone number: 		0416-009-468

6. Fax Numbers:				{61}(2) 9966-5999
7. Contact Postal Address:		PO Box 517

8. Contact Physical Address:		6/82-85 Pacific Highway
					ST LEONARDS  NSW  2064

9. Name & Contact details of 		Ben ANSON
   Project  Manager (if different 	E:
   from the  contact above)		M: 0414-602-225
					T: {61}(2) 9686-9301

10.	List all consortia members to be involved in this project and their contact details.

		Winton BROCKLEBANK	Office of Transport Security	612-6274-7201 
		Stephen GOULD		OTMG Pty Ltd			0416-009-468
		Guy BLOMBERG		Guy Blomberg & Associates	0419-174-405
		Ben ANSON		Ben Anson & Associates		0414-602-225
		OIC			Jim LEE				612-9966-5000

11. 	Project Title
					Electronic Dangerous Cargo Management [EDCM]

12. 	Project Total Cost excluding GST and expected GST component 

					$ 485,000  

13. Funding Request excluding GST 

					$ 65,000.00

14.	Project Abstract (maximum 500 words) Note: summarise objectives, purpose and timeframe for completion.


	At the recent UN/CEFACT (United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business) Forum in Virginia
	USA from 13-17 Sep 2004 the presentation by Duane NICKULL Vice Chair UN/CEFACT and Chair of the OASIS SOA (Service 
	Oriented Architecture) Technical Committee identified a key issue for e-Business namely

	S16 "Need a newer architecture that accounts for electronic and paper trade facilitation" 

	This ITOL Funding Submission is to develop a prototype using a newer architecture that "will account for electronic
	and paper trade facilitation".

	The application for the prototype will be based on work already carried out by the consultant engaged by the Sydney
	Ports Corporation to ensure that Best Practice Management procedures are followed by Australian Ports in relation
	to Dangerous Cargoes

	The objectives are to develop a Dangerous Cargo Manifest that is accepted by all the members of the committee 
	formed by the Office of Transport Security [OTS] of the Australian Federal Government Department of Transport and 
	Regional Services [DOTARS]


	The purpose of the project includes:

	1 	provide a simple and effective Dangerous Cargo Manifest that is acceptable to all parties involved in the 
		Dangerous Cargo Workflow process

	2 	to include all the Business Rules specified by the IT Sub-committee chaired by Ben ANSON eCommerce 
		Consultant to the Sydney Ports Authority

	3 	deliver an eCommerce application that complies with the requirements of UN/CEFACT for the Asia-Pacific 


	As the Australian Logistics Committee have just completed the Business Rules for Dangerous Cargo Management it is 
	envisaged that the project will start straight away and be completed by 31 Dec 2004

 15.	Have you applied for other Commonwealth funding of this project? 	


16. 	Are any members of the consortium in receipt of Commonwealth funds for this project? If yes, state amount and 


17.	If the project has begun, provide the current status of the project.

	These project is to bring together separate modules of work that has been carried out at different times with 
	Electronic Document flow processes with different International ports.  

	The separate modules that have been completed are:

	1 	Port workflow and document processes-Halisa

	2 	Identifying User Groups-DOTARS

	3 	Develop electronic infrastructure to manage e-project - OIC

	4 	Define Business Rules for Dangerous Cargo processes -Australian Logistics Committee

18.	Please specify the nature of any agreements between members of the consortium including management of any resulting
	intellectual property.

	The OIC has defined an Intellectual Property Royalty [IPR] structure for member consortium projects. 

	These IPRs are net after costs and GST.

	All IPRs distributed electronically to the bank accounts of members.

	The IPRs are based on licensing the finished IPR product with a licence fee, set-up fee and on-going transactions

	The proposed IPR Royalty Structure for this project is:

		10% 	0TS - DOTARS		10% 	Sydney Port Corporation
		10% 	AAPMA			10% 	HIN
		10% 	OIC			10% 	OTMG
		10% 	Ben ANSON		10% 	Guy BLOMBERG	
		10% 	Hamme Family Trust	10% 	Charity

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