TIMS - Tender Information Management Service Code Legend
This coding structure is designed to provide an analysis of the different types of published tenders.

Until an agreed standard for codifying tenders is developed this structure is to provide a framework for the analysis of tender information.

The OIC and its members do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the codes and each subscriber 
should check the detailed tenders themselves and not rely on the details provided on the summary indices.
Any suggestions on new codes or tender revision codes will be considered by the OIC Tender Coding Work Group.

These codes may be revised as different tenders are published.

The current codes are as follows:
Legend Column One
Legend Column Two
Legend Column Three

Legend Column One
COL1 - Industry Category
AFederal Government
BState Government
CLocal Government
DLand, Housing & Environment
GUtilities & Energy
IAssociations, Societies, Institutes, Foundations & similar Organisations

Legend Column Two
Col2 - Main Requirement Categories
AApplications Software
DGovernment- 1 Federal
EGovernment- 2 State
FGovernment- 3 Local
HInformation Technology Services
KWeb Applications

a    The Sub-categories for each Requirement Category are listed below.

b    The coding Structure is designed to accommodate new requirement categories

c    If a new tender is issued and the sub-category is ambiguous it will be placed in the "O Other".

d    Comments and feedback on these coding categories are requested to tcfb1@oic.org.
Col2 - App. S'ware Sub-Categories
AaAsset Management
AbCustomer Relationship Management
AcFinancial Systems
AdGeographical Information Systems
AeHuman Resources
AfIntegrated Applications
AhTime & Labour Management 
AiActivity Based Costing 
AjLegal Practices
AoOther projects in this category
Col2 - Consultancy Sub-Categories
BaIT Infrastructure
BcOperating Systems
BdOutsourced Services
BePreferred Supplier/Panel Arrangement
BfSpecific Language/Database
BhSpecific Position contract
BiResearch Study
BjSecurity Systems
BoOther projects in this category
Col2 - E-Business Sub-Categories
CaE-Business Integration
CdElectronic Doc. & Rec. Management
CfISP & Internet Services
CgE-Business Strategy
ChInformation Broker
CiE-mail contact security
CoOther projects in this category
Col2 - Federal Gov Sub-Categories
DaFunding Grants
DbPublication, Ordering & Distribution
DcUnderwater Computer System
DdResource Booking & Scheduling System
DeTreasury Systems
DfProject Management
DoOther projects in this category
Col2 - State Gov Sub-Categories
EaGrants and Funding
EbDirectory Services & Software Maintenance
EcDigitised Licensing Service
EdElectronic Lodgments
EeInformation Security Framework
EfSCADA Systems
EgRespite Systems
EhElectronic Survey software
EiElectronic Voting System
EjReview process and operations - annual, biennial, triennial
EoOther projects in this category
Col2 - Local Gov Sub-Categories
FaAdmin. & Regulatory S/W Council's Ops
FbCouncil Business Papers
FcIntegrated Applications
FdProperty Management
FeRating, Water Billing & Cash Receipting
FfContract Management
FgTourism Systems
FhPenalty Notices
FiLibrary Management
FoOther projects in this category
Col2 - Health Sub-Categories
GaClinical Information Systems
GbComprehensive Health Info. Systems
GcPatient Billing Systems
GdInstrument Tracking System
GeSoftware Testing Methodology
GfHealth Library Systems
GgStaff Roster Management
GhRadiology Equipment
GiDisclosure Referral System
GjIllness Prevention projects
GoOther projects in this category
Col2 - I.T. Services Sub-Categories
HaCorporate/Decision Support
HbData Matching
HcI.T. Implementation Services
HdQAA Management
HfTelephone Support Services
HgProject Management Software
HiAnti-virus Software
HjMaintain & Support Services
HoOther projects in this category
Col2 - Product Sub-Categories
IbNetworked Systems
IcPanel Suppliers
IdRadio Communications
IeWide Area Networks
IfPABX Systems
IgTelecomms Equip not PABX
IhData Storage
IjEnterprise Back-up
IoOther projects in this category
Col 2 - TelCo/Voice/MM Sub-Cat.
JaFrame Relay Services
JbVoice Communication Services
JcVideo Conferencing 
JdTelephone Services
JeMobile Telephone Services
JfTelecommunications Cabling
JgTelecom Services
JhImaging Systems
JiMedia Monitoring
JoOther projects in this category
Col2 - Web Application Sub-Cat.
KaOn-line Employment
KbOn-line Learning
KcOn-line Skills
KdWeb Based Application Development
KeWeb Host 
KfWeb Management 
KgWeb Event Management 
Kh24 hr Response Access
KiReverse Auction Services
KjReview Web site
KoOther projects in this category

Legend Column Three
COL3 - Type of Tender
AEOIExpression of Interest
BIRAInvitation to Register Application Interest
CPAPanel Arrangement
DRFIRequest for Information 
ERFORequest for Offer
FRFPRequest for Proposal
GRFQRequest for Quotation
HRFTRequest for Tender
ISOAStanding Offer Arrangement
JIPTInvitation to pre-qualify as tenderer
KROIRegistration of Interest
LIBOIndustry Briefing Only
MIRIInvitation to Register Interest
NCFACall for Applications
ORFSRequest for Submission
PATNAdvanced Tender Notification
QRFCRequest for Consultancy
RTDTTenders to develop Tenders
SDICDraft for Industry Comment
TAFGApplication for Grants
UOOPOne Off Purchase
VSCCSubmission Capability Confirmation
WPSAPreferred Supplier Arrangement

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