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Thu 12 Jun 2008					Recipient: 6123Ob11	
TO:	Cr Denise WILTON		cc	KSAS-Au
	MAYOR					Affected Bodies SHOROC 


Dear Madam Mayor and Councillors

As directed in your letter 21 Dec 2007 the Management Committee of the 
Kids Safe-at-Sport Mosman [KSAS-2088] will ask this question on Tue 
17 Jun at the Council Meeting.

Q 1	What checks are to ensure that regulatory Council documents 
	are available to the Public ?

Q 2	who is responsible to ensure that those documents are available
	every week ?

Q 3	what recourse do Mosman rate-payers have if the documents are 
	not available ?


On Tue 03 Jun I attended the Mosman Council meeting to collect a copy of 
the Agenda and Attachments as well as serve Notice of a Statement of 
Claim on the General Manager.

The Agenda recorded a number of items of interest, including:

1	GM/17	Constitutional Recognition for Local Government
2	GM/18	SHOROC Board Meeting - Minutes 12 May 2008
3	GM/19	Local Government Revenue Raising Capacity
4	EP/74	Sustainability Advisory Group - Minutes 08 May 2008
5	EP/75	Sydney Costal Councils Group - Minutes 29 Mar 2008

After serving the General Manager with the Notice for the Statement of Claim, 
I went to the Library to review the attachments for the Agenda for the
Council meeting Tue 03 Jun 2008.

Neither the 43-page Agenda nor the 82-page Attachments were available at the

On Tue 10 Jun 2008 I returned to the Library and spoke with Mary-Lou about
viewing the Agenda or Attachments.

Mary-Lou could not find a copy so Mary-Lou called HISHAM and spoke with him 
about a copy for the Library.

Mary-Lou passed the telephone to me and I spoke with Hisham who said he 
would speak with MAX.  

After a few minutes Hisham returned to the phone and said I should call 
TREENA in the morning.

Mary-Lou said she would call Treena on Wed morning as she was working in 
the Library the next day.  

Mary-Lou said she would arrange for a copy of the attachments to be available 
in the Library.

On Thu 12 Jun 2008 I visited Mosman Library and spoke with KEN about viewing 
a copy of the attachments for the Council Meeting Tue 03 Jun 2008.

Again there was no copy of the Agenda or the Attachments.

Ken took my name and mobile number and said he would ask someone to phone
me in the morning to arrange a copy for me.


Madam Mayor -in the light of the articles on 05 Jun 2008 "Child porn web 
broken by 70 arrests", the Parents involved with "Kids Safe-at-Sport Mosman 
[KSAS-2088]" look forward to Council's response on Tue 17 Jun 2008

Yours sincerely

Stephen GOULD		Peter AXTENS LLB	Michael CLEAR
Hon Secretary		Hon Compliance Officer	Sponsor	

Att	A	2008/06/03 Council Agenda
	B	2008/06/05 SMH:"Child porn web broken by 70 arrests"
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