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Sun 14 Sep 2008				Recipient: 6123Ob18	
TO:	Cr Denise WILTON	cc	KSAS-Au
	Councillor			Affected Bodies SHOROC 



It is come to my attention that you may have slandered the 
"Kids Safe-at-Sport Network" and myself at the pre-poll meeting 
on Fri 12 Sep 2008.

A	Background to Pre-poll Slander
B	Next Steps - "On Notice" until resolution


Around 14:00 Fri 12 Sep 2008 I delivered copies of documents relating 
to the Mosman Sustainability Action Network [SAN-2088] to Robert MAUL 
and Dom LOPEZ.

These documents were copies of letters sent to Mosman Return 
Servicemen's Club [RSC] on 14 Aug 2008 for a 4-year monthly 
awareness/education program for the Mosman Community on Sustainability

These documents were provided following a conversation with Dom LOPEZ 
and Robert MAUL on Thu 11 Sep 2008 when I was acting for a Mosman 
candidate at the pre-poll registrations at the Mosman Electoral 
Commission Office.

The conversation between Robert MAUL, Dom LOPEZ and myself was about 
why the Mosman Sustainability Action Network [SAN-2008] had not 
received a response from the Mosman RSC General Manager after a number 
of telephone calls and emails to follow up a letter 14 Aug 2008 for a
proposed 4-yr program to raise awareness of Sustainability issues for
Mosman businesses and residents.

Cr WILTON was standing next to Robert MAUL when I gave the documents 
to him.

Around 15:00 Fri 12 Sep 2008 I received a telephone call to say words 
to the effect:

"Cr WILTON has slandered you to Robert MAUL over how KIDS SAFE-AT-SPORT 
had invoiced the Council for unordered services".

Around 15:30 Fri 12 Sep 2008 I returned to the Electoral Commission 
Office to speak to Cr WILTON.

Cr WILTON was no longer there so I spoke with Cr LOPEZ as the longest 
serving Councillor on Mosman Council.

I said words to the effect "I have received a phone call that said Cr 
WILTON was slandering the KIDS SAFE-AT-SPORT NETWORK and myself over 
an invoice for unordered services.

That is Slander because the invoice was for the time and research 
carried out by Mosman Parents involved with the Kids Safe-at-Sport 
Network [KSAS-2088] because Cr WILTON as Mayor refused to allow and 
questions to be asked at Council meetings from 05 Aug 2007.

Cr WILTON as Mayor was in breach of the Local Government Act of 1993 
by continually refusing to allow Residents to ask questions or 
ensuring that the Council responded to written questions.

There are 9 Statutory Declarations about how Cr WILTON has refused 
to allow questions to be asked or ensure that the General Manager 
responded to written questions since 05 Aug 2007.

A Complaint was lodged with the NSW Department of Local Government
which has referred the Complaint back to the Council for Resolution 
after the Election.

If a Resolution is not agreed then the matter may proceed to the Courts." 


Cr WILTON you are now "On Notice for Slander" until this issue is 
resolved either by Mosman Council or by the Courts

Yours sincerely

Stephen GOULD		Peter AXTENS LLB	Michael CLEAR
Hon Secretary		Hon Compliance Officer	Sponsor	

E:	Stephen.gould@ksas-au.net
M:	0416-009-468
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