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07:20 Wed 02 Apr 2008			Recipient: 6123Ob11	
TO:	Cr Denise WILTON	cc	NSW Ministers LG & Sport
	MAYOR				Mosman Schools 


Dear Madam Mayor and Councillors

We rely on s706 NSW Local Government Act 1993 

It was disappointing to note that again KSAS-2088 was not allowed to ask a 
question at question time.

When I did speak about "GM/12 Minutes SHOROC Special Meeting 19 Mar 2008"
and "EP/39  Environment Community Group Minutes" the suggestions and 
proposals on behalf of Mosman Parents and Ratepayers were ignored hence
this draft record has been prepared.

However we note that the Council did find the time to debate "GM/9 Lobbying 
of Councillors" and "GM/10 Electoral Funding Disclosure" for 90 minutes.

A	Who I represent
B	GM/12  - SHOROC Minutes
C	EP/39 - EAG Minutes


As pointed out before, although living in Neutral Bay, I represent the 
interests of the Sponsors, Parents and Ratepayers involved with
KSAS-2088 hence the address of 95 Muston Street MOSMAN 


Again it was very disappointing to record in these days of apparent
transparent and accountable Government that the SHOROC minutes are 
not placed on the Mosman Council website.

This is a very important issue because the Administrator of the 
Warringah Council is using the SHOROC Umbrella to unlawfully impose 
expensive Electronic operation processes on Mosman Council, its 
Parents and Ratepayers.

Issues of great concern for Mosman Ratepayers, because according to
the SHOROC website - The Organisation, 

"SHOROC operates through a Board, made up of the four Mayors and four
General Managers who meet at least quarterly. 

All member councils make an equal annual contribution to the operating 
costs of SHOROC and have equal voting rights"

a	Item 4.2 - SHOROC Incorporation Problems
b	Item 5.4 - Electronic Procurement
c	Item 5.5 - Sportground Management


SHOROC as an Association has still not been incorporated after 2 years
because as an Association a minimum of 5 members is required hence the 
decisions being published in the name of SHOROC as an Association are

"Further legal advice has been sought on this issue" so a way has been
devised to overcome this insurmountable problem.

The proposed solution is that several Mayors and several General Managers
form the fifth member (those Mayors and those General Managers are not
named !).

This was proposed by Viv MAY General Manager Mosman Council and seconded 
by Henry WONG General Manager Manly Council.

Please note that at the meeting on 19 Feb 2008 it was stated that Mosman
Council is part of the Inner North Sub-Regional group for Affordable 
Housing, Employment and Regional Transport Strategy.

Mosman Council is not part of the SHOROC Regional Transport Strategy


"Warringah Council is now fully operational in its use of Tenderlink.  

Other Councils will also soon be fully operational in linking their sites 
to Tenderlink".

I pointed out that we had submitted a report to the Mosman General Manager 
in Sep 2007 that includes:

1 	Using Tenderlink requires Mosman Council to operate two tender 
	systems namely Tenderlink and its own web-site

2 	Tenderlink was designed in New Zealand and does not comply with 
	the Australian Standard for Online Systems {AS4590}.

3 	In 2004 Tenderlink was funded by Babcock and Brown Infrastructure 
	Investments [BBII]

	The Investment banks are funding Council electronic initiatives 
	because Councils have long been recognised as "easy prey" as 
	few Councillors understand the difference between book-keeping, 
	accounts and economics

4 	Recently BBII was almost purchased as part of the "rumour-trage"
	game played by share traders 
	(ref SMH 12 Mar 2008 "Raid as Watchdog sniffs ever closer"

	This was followed up on 29 Mar 2008 "Sordid Tale of Short-Selling
	Super" whereby there was yet another loophole in Australian Law).

Hence Tenderlink could become owned by another "Investment Organisation" 
and IT fees could climb through the roof.

Cr REID deflected any questions by stating that he was pleased that SHOROC
had a Regional Transport Strategy "that would get the delivery trucks out 
of Mosman".

Cr REID has forgotten that Mosman is now in the Inner North Subregion not 
SHOROC for its Regional Transport Strategy.


"A working group is being co-ordinated by Warringah Council to develop 
sports user agreements, service standards, costs of current levels of 
maintenance to assist is determining to what target of 15% cost recovery
will apply, to review the implementation Plan and Allocation Guidelines 
and to develop charges and implementation proposals for schools.

Warringah Council are conducting a household survey to assist in
determining fees and charges".

I said these are Parents concerns that Warringah Council, which has had
an Administrator for the last 4 years, is determining the fees and charges 
to recover 15% costs back from the Schools and Parents while the other
85% cost is added to Ratepayers charges.

The fees that are charged by Junior Sports Clubs are very high at the 
moment and likely to increase considerably due to Ground Remediation,
new Watering Systems and Carbon Credit charges.

An example is Balmoral Oval which is due for drainage upgrading with an 
estimated cost of $ 90,000
Most of the Junior Sports training grounds require floodlights which will 
have a charge for Carbon Credits and no-one knows how high Carbon will be 
traded on the Carbon market in future years

C	EP/39 - EAG MINUTES 10 MAR 2008

The Minutes report:

C	Resident members disagree with the minutes

The proposed changes include:

1	Reverse existing format with members raising matters at meeting
	without notice

2 	Seek input to group on Agenda prior to finalising Agenda

3 	Provide Agenda and Powerpoint slides prior to Meeting

4 	Circulate draft minutes before finalising

5 	Have a web page for the group 

6 	Make community input a priority of meetings

7 	Limit the number and length of presentations

I asked to speak on this issue explain that the Commonwealth Bank and 
AIDC had funded OIC members in 1997 to develop Electronic Committee 
Information Management [ECIM].

ECIM was developed to enable Committee members to take it in turns to 
produce a Draft Record or Blog of the meeting within certain time 
constraints to a set format eg an electronic draft record within 72
hrs and electronic Blogs within a further 72 hrs.

An example of how the Agenda can include the Powerpoint presentations 
prior to the meeting is the OIC Local Government Special Interest Group 
Meeting in Sep 2001 "The Government Online Strategy"

A visit to Mosman Library to review the 124-page attachments for the 
48-page Agenda revealed multiple meeting Minutes including:

1 	SHOROC Management Committee - 11 pages to 3 Council Mayors, 4 
	Council General Managers and 4 others

2 	Sydney Coastal Councils Group [SCCG] - 23 pages for 48 members 
	at 20 different Councils/Entities

3 	Five (5) Mosman Council Community Groups including the 27 members
	of the Environment Community Group [EAG] 

While providing the background to ECIM with the British Standards Institute 
[BSI] (produces 14,000,000 pages Minutes/annun) and the 
UK Institution of Electrical Engineers [IEE] (105,000 members, 
253 Committees, 400 events/annum) and how it reduces the consumption
of paper as part of the Sustainability issue, the Mayor called 
a halt to my submission.

Stephen GOULD				Witnesses
Management Consultant			Michael CLEAR
Electronic Information Processes	David KELLY	
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