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14:54 Sun 10 Feb 2008			Recipient: 6123Ob11	
					Y/R: Mtg T 2008/02/05
TO:	Cr Denise WILTON		cc	KSAS-Mosman
	MAYOR				F:	{61}(2) 9978-4132


Dear Madam Mayor and Councillors

Further to the Council meeting Tue 05 Feb 2008, please find attached a 
revised invoice $ 23,086.26 for the General Manager that includes all 
the KSAS-2088 Parents Research Time and Costs since 03 Aug 2007 at a 
Council Volunteer rate not a Commercial rate of $ 29.29/hr only.

The reasons why Mosman Council has been invoiced includes:

a	During May-Jul 2007 we arranged a series of seminars to 	
	explain Parents' concern to Mosman Council about Gaps in 	
	the NSW Child Protection-in-Sport Process.

b	On 05 Aug 2007 these concerns were documented to you. 

c	On 07 Aug 2007 you refused to accept questions on the 	
	issues from concerned Parents which was in breach of the 	
	NSW Local Government Code of Meeting Practice.

d	On 08 Aug 2007 we wrote to you

	1	explaining the Role of a Councillor according the NSW
 		Local Government Act 1993 and.

	2	requesting reasons why we were not allowed to ask 
		questions - this has not been answered

e	On 21 Aug 2007 we attended the next Council meeting and
 	again were refused the right to ask questions

f	On 26 Aug 2007 we wrote to the Council stating that we 	
	believe that the wrong advice was being given to the Council 	
	on the Child Protection Duty-of-Care responsibilities

g	On 25 Sep 2007 the General Manager advised members of 	
	KSAS-2088 that Mosman Council had changed its policy on 
	the Child Protection-in-Sport issue

	The General Manager confirmed at that meeting that he was 
	seeking advice from the NSW Local Government Association 	
	on the most appropriate way  to conduct audits that the Child 	
	Protection checks have been carried out.

h	On 06 Dec 2007 the General Manager wrote that the Duty of Care 
	Responsibility was the NSW State Government 

i	On 27 Dec 2007 both the NSW Minister of Sport and the 	
	NSW Local Government Association have confirmed that
  	the Duty of Care for Volunteers is the responsibility of 
	the Council

j	On 05 Feb 2008 the General Manager was given a copy of
 	an extract from a Council Policy document.

	That document confirms that Council's Public Liability 	
	Insurance requires Volunteers to have a completed Police
	Check after the Child Protection document has been
 	completed and BEFORE the Volunteer starts any contact
 	with Children


Madam Mayor this document is being faxed to the Mosman Councillors.

It is proposed that this issue is included for consideration perhaps
as a CDSE Grant application as part of the Agenda for the next meeting
 on Tue 19 Feb 2008

Yours sincerely

Stephen GOULD			E:   stephen.gould@ksas-au.net
Hon Secretary			M:   0416-009-468
KIDS SAFE-AT-SPORT NETWORK	W:  www.ksas-au.net

Att	A	SMH Article 27 Aug 2006 "Child Protection signed,
		sealed and ignored" 

	B	Revised invoice for the General Manager

	C	extract Council's Policy with Insurance and Volunteers
 		working with Children

	D	Communications with Mosman Council and Mosman
 		Councillors since 03 Aug 2007

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