Background to the Spirit of the OIC

This information is to help explain the philosophy and culture that is fostered within the Open Interchange Consortium.

It is the culmination of the experience and expertise of the formation members, many of whom have had long term involvement with Electronic Information technologies including Network Management, Telecommunications, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the Internet, Multi-Media and Remote Education systems

Philosophy to the Spirit of the OIC

We are witnessing a momentous step forward as Societies worldwide move from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. A most impressive aspect is the speed of change as traditional paper-based bureaucracies like Health, Government, Libraries and Judicial administration systems readily embrace these new technologies.

The OIC was formed as a Learned Society for management from all spheres to meet, to learn and to act on the benefits these new technologies and electronic business processes offer.

The early participants in the OIC have recognised that there is an on-going almost altruistic contribution that has to be made to ensure that potential members appreciate the value of co-operating to benefit from sharing experiences and resources.

To assist with this process, the OIC is establishing an electronic Intranet for members to utilise Electronic Information applications including electronic network records, electronic project management and electronic time recording for intellectual property royalties.

Many members of the OIC are aware that current legal frameworks do not cater for a number of aspects of the Networked Society. It is important to ensure that legislation on these issues does not lag too far behind developments. This legislation and its social implications need to be explained in relation to industry applications.

The Steering Management Committee believes that the OIC can provide a significant contribution to the process of change that is taking place.