Mission Statement

To stimulate and encourage the research, development and use of Electronic Information Technologies (EIT) and associated systems to automate the business process. This will be carried out through a consortium of members involving representatives of large, medium and small organisations assisted by Information Technologists.



  1. To form, maintain and promote a consortium of member organisations which will engage in the proactive learning and utilisation of Electronic Information Technologies

  2. To carry out research, development and use of electronic systems through a consortium of members and associated organisations

  3. To encourage all members to play an active role in Electronic Information technology developments and its attendant social responsibilities


  4. To ensure that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as Large organisations effectively participate in Electronic Information technologies

  5. To maintain a financially sound and active consortium of members through:

    1. Proactive seeking of new members, with such members representing a cross-section of industry, both as suppliers and users of relevant technologies

    2. Regular information sharing sessions, including forums, lunch time sessions and specific interest/project groups

    3. Establishment, encouragement and assistance of projects which address specific pre-determined (by the OIC Management Council) technologies

    4. Active in-house use of relevant technologies

  6. To promote and provide assistance in all aspects of research, development and use of relevant technologies