A Accuracy of Information
B Accuracy Coding structures
C Continuity of Service
D Regularity of service
E Changes to terms and conditions

A Accuracy of Tender Information

a	The tender information for the OIC Tender Information Management Service [TIMS]is 
	outsourced from other organisations.  

b	The OIC and its members cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the tender
	information.  These tender details are passed on as received apart from classifying the
	tender requirement information into a coded analysis structure

B Accuracy of Coding Structure

a	Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the coding structure accurately reflects the 
	tender category, the OIC and its members cannot accept any responsibility for the 
	accuracy of the codes allocated.

b	These codes are an attempt to classify the tenders and reduce the amount of time 
	required to select an appropriate tender.

c	The codes are designed to provide management metrics on the tenders to assist with 
	management and resource	planning.

C Continuity of Service

a	TIMS has been commissioned by the OIC to provide a tender information management 
	service to encourage subscribers to work together to develop integrate Electronic 
	Information Interchange [EII] applications.  The service is dependant on other 
	organisations to provide base information on a regular schedule.

b	Without knowing the business transaction details of the organisations which supply 
	the tender information the Continuity of Service may be interrupt and cannot be guaranteed.

c	The OIC and its members cannot accept responsibility for Continuity of Service.  

d	The TIMS Management Committee will endeavour to ensure that there are other suppliers 
	of the base tender information to ensure continuity of the tender information service.

D Regularity of Service

a	The intention is to provide details of these tenders on Tuesday and Fridays each week.

b	However the OIC and its members can not take any responsibility for ensuring that these 
	tender details are published every Tuesday and Friday as there are a number of factors 
	beyond the TIMS Management Committee control including:

	1	Knowledge of reliability of equipment of base information providers
	2	the number of tenders likely to be supplied each update
	3	the congestion on the local ISP systems
	4	The congestion on the Telstra network

E Changes to terms, conditions, codes and operation

a	The terms and conditions of this information service can change without notice.

b	As the sophistication of providing this information service develops to meet both 
	management and subscriber demands, the method of operation and changes to terms and 
	conditions may occur without notice.  

c	Every effort will be made to inform TIMS subscribers of the changes when the changes
	are made.

d	It is the intention to provide the reasons for the changes and the perceived benefits
	of those changes

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