A Ownership TIMS RUBAC structure
B Copyright
C Part of larger coding structure
D Objectives of coding structure

A Ownership TIMS RUBAC Structure

a	The RUBAC Information Management Coding methodology is owned by the Hamme Family Trust

b	A company "OTMG Pty Ltd" is being formed by the members who participated in the 
	research and development of the RUBAC structure for the Tender Information Management
	Service [TIMS]

c	The coding structure for TIMS was researched and developed by 6 members of the OIC:

	1	BKD Pty Ltd			BKD
	2	PTMS Australia			PTM
	3	Aiyom Pty Ltd			APL
	4	GMB & Associates		GMB
	5	Dark FX				DFX
	6	Halisa NSW Partnership		HNP

d	The Research and Development IPR beneficiaries are:

	1	Hamme Family Trust		HFT
	4	Jim LEE				PTM
	5	Stevan GILLMORE			APL
	6	Lars SORHUS			DFX
	8	Stephen GOULD			HNP

B Copyright

a	The copyright for the codes is owned by the organisation and the parties who researched and
	develop the code for a specific application, function or process.

b	Other organisations wishing to use the foundation codes to develop coding structures for other 
	applications and information management processes should register on Project Registration.

C Part of larger coding structure

a	The coding structure used to provide the Tender Information Management Service [TIMS] is 
	part of the RUBAC [Rational Universal Business Automation Code] Information Management 
	Methodology .

b	Further details on the RUBAC methodology and its value for E-commerce can be reviewed on
	RUBAC & E-commerce.

D Objectives of coding structure

a	The RUBAC methodology was researched to achieve a number of objectives including 

	1	the automation of management metrics

	2	synchronisation of distributed information repositories

	3	automatically index and file electronic information

	4	minimise transmission time and cost

	5	provide a standard structure for information retrieval

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